TIAA-CREF Launches Social Choice Bond Fund

September 27, 2012 ( TIAA-CREF launched the Social Choice Bond Fund (TSBIX, TSBBX, TSBRX, TSBPX) an actively managed, socially responsible, core fixed-income mutual fund. 

The Social Choice Bond Fund will provide clients the ability to continue to align their investments with their values by giving consideration to environmental, social and governance guidelines. Investments primarily include U.S. government securities, corporate bonds, taxable municipal securities, and mortgage-backed and other asset-backed securities. The fund’s benchmark is the Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index.  

In addition, the fund targets 10% of fund investments to fixed-income securities considered to be “proactive social investments.” These investments provide funding for organizations or projects with positive social and environmental benefits in addition to competitive risk-adjusted returns. The proactive social investments will focus on four thematic areas: affordable housing, community and economic development, renewable energy and climate change, and natural resources.