Tool Provides Picture of Corporate Culture

October 12, 2009 ( - Russell Reynolds Associates, a global executive search and assessment firm, has introduced a tool that measures corporate culture "providing companies with objective, quantitative information to make informed leadership decisions."

Available through Russell Reynolds consultants, the Culture Analyst is a comprehensive process that produces a quantitative, multi-dimensional measurement of an organization’s culture, according to a press release. The preferences and inclinations of individual executives can also be measured and compared with an organizational assessment to evaluate alignment.

The offering measures an organization’s culture across 28 dimensions, including innovation, teamwork, emphasis on results, and integrity. The assessment begins with an online survey in which participants respond to a set of statements about their organization that are designed to measure the current culture, a desired culture, or both.

The result includes an overall measure of Culture Strength, a barometer on how clearly the culture is being communicated and demonstrated by members of the organization. Survey results are analyzed according to client-specific variables to identity points of strength and areas of concern.

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