Tooth Fairy Still Making House Calls

June 14, 2010 ( – Despite what you may have heard about the Tooth Fairy, she’s apparently still trading in cash for cuspids. 

In fact, a Visa Inc. survey of parents found that the Tooth Fairy not only visits 94% of American kids (those under 10), she leaves behind an average of $3 per tooth. 

Moreover, children whose fathers “coordinate” with the Tooth Fairy receive 42% more money ($3.70) than those where mothers ($2.60) are the primary liaison.

Additional findings in the survey include:

  • 5% of children receive less than a dollar
  • 37% of children receive exactly $1
  • 18% of children receive between $2 to $4
  •  22% of children receive $5
  • 11% of children receive $6 or more


Parents in the East ($3.40) and in the South ($3.30) tend to leave more per tooth than parents in the Midwest ($2.90) and West ($2.70).