Top Mutual Fund Web Sites Named

February 8, 2001 ( - The Schwab and Fidelity mutual fund Web sites got the honors for being the most user friendly during the recent quarter, according to new poll results from Dalbar, a financial services consulting firm.

The two firms scored 95 out of 100 points, earning an excellent rating in the latest quarterly review.

Judging the best Web site was done on a point basis determined by quality and scope of the site’s capabilities, navigation and ease of access. If a site had irrelevant content, was not friendly or timely and/or slow, points were subtracted from the total.

And the Winners Are?

Of the 26 funds reviewed in the poll, Schwab, Fidelity, Strong, Vanguard and Invesco, were the top-rated at the end of 2000 with scores ranging from 95 to 89. The same funds were also the top fund sites in third quarter 2000.

GE Financial and Montgomery Funds also gained during the quarter and moved up 12 and 13 places respectively, into the top 10. Both sites moved up the list after they were re-designed.

– Chuck Epstein