Tower Square Launches Managed Advisory Portfolio Program

December 16, 2004 ( - Tower Square has announced the launch of a retirement plan advisory tool, the Managed Advisory Portfolio Program.

The program will offer model asset allocation portfolios suggested and monitored by Standard & Poor’s Investment Advisory Services (SPIAS). Participants will choose one of six model portfolios based on responses to a risk tolerance questionnaire, and will invest 100% of their plan assets in that portfolio, according to a Tower Square news release. Each model contains five to 15 sub accounts also selected by SPIAS.

Through the program, Tower Square automatically rebalances the portfolios at least annually to confirm that the original asset allocation goals are remain. Also, participants can choose their level of involvement, with the ability to customize a portfolio as opposed to choosing on of the six set portfolios available.

The program is available through Tower Square on a fee basis, exclusive to participants in qualified plans that use one of four annuity products with Travelers Life & Annuity.

Tower Square Securities ( ) is a financial advisory firm located in Hartford, Connecticut.