TRI-AD Introduces 401(k) Full Fee Disclosure Guarantee

October 18, 2007 ( - TRI-AD has introduced a written Full Fee Disclosure Guarantee as an integral part of its Defined Contribution Plan daily valuation recordkeeping service.

According to a press release, TRI-AD has provided full fee disclosure since the early 1990s, but will now formalize that arrangement in the form of a contract certifying that all revenue collected is fully disclosed to the plan sponsor and financial adviser.  

The Escondido, California-based firm says that all revenue sharing TRI-AD collects is fully disclosed and rebated to offset administration and recordkeeping expenses, and that TRI-AD does not receive any additional compensation either for having multiple plans with a single custodian or for using specific investment options within a given plan.  

The firm says that as a result, plan fiduciaries know that all fees have been disclosed and that participants’ interests are always being served – and because understanding and managing plan fees and expenses is a key fiduciary responsibility, TRI-AD’s full fee disclosure guarantee helps their clients mitigate the personal liability associated with having a fiduciary obligation to the plan.  

TRI-AD was founded in 1974 as a defined benefit plan administration firm, and over the years has grown service offerings to cover a complete range of benefit administration services.   According to the firm, TRI-AD is currently the largest privately-owned benefits administration firm in Southern California, with over 1,000 clients nationwide.

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