TRIVIAL PURSUITS: Security Measures Embedded in the $10 Bill

I looked into the history of the $10 bill, and discovered some interesting counterfeiting security measures included in its redesign in 2006. Do you know all of the security measures?

The new-design $10 note features subtle background colors of orange, yellow, and red. The $10 note includes an embedded security thread that glows orange when illuminated by UV light.

When held to light, a portrait watermark of former Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton is visible from both sides of the note. In addition, the note includes a color-shifting numeral 10 in the lower right corner of the note.

Last year, Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew announced that a newly redesigned $10 note will feature a woman. In a poll of NewsDash readers, more than one-quarter of responding readers said Hamilton should be replaced with Eleanor Roosevelt.