Two Providers Unveil Workplace Wellness Offering

March 30, 2004 ( - Resources For Living (RFL) and Integrated DisAbility Resources, Inc., (IDR) have launched Health & Productivity a new workplace wellness program.

According to a news release from the two companies, the new offering is designed to slash disability claims, contain health care costs, improve rate of return to work, and increase employee productivity through a range of integrated wellness, employee assistance, and disease and disability management services.

Under Health & Productivity, participants are not required to file a short- or long-term disability claim or be approved for income replacement benefits to access services. This prevents attaching a “disabled” label to someone who may only need appropriate work/life information and guidance to resume or continue a fully productive personal and professional life, the announcement said.

Also, RFL’s service model provides employers and employees with a means of tracking and documenting the efficacy of the counseling, treatment, and services provided. This gives employees an objective basis to gauge progress and provides employers with a means of calculating productivity gains.

“Combining our reporting capabilities with IDR’s medical, disease, and disability management services provides individuals with a means of charting their progress, which goes a long way in ensuring successful treatment,” Mary Beth Chalk, Chief Operating Officer of RFL, said in the announcement.

Under the partnership, RFL will support the Health & Productivity program by providing the following services to employees and participating family members:

  • Consultations with an RFL master’s degree coach to determine which services and resources are best suited to their needs to measurably improve their emotional global functioning.
  • Access to a full range of employee assistance program (EAP) and work/life Web-based information, including stress management, depression, child care, and elder care.
  • Working with employers and healthcare clients, RFL’s services are integrated with the medical, disease, and disability management components of the Health & Productivity program to create acollaborative and individualized approach to reduce medical costs and improve employee wellness and productivity. 

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