UK Workers Slack Off

February 22, 2002 ( - It may not take too much convincing to get British workers to slack off - according to a UK survey.

On National Slacker Day in the UK, on which workers are encouraged not to do any work, a survey by pollster MyVoice found that two-thirds of respondents said they could get as much done in four days as they now do in five.

The MyVoice poll included some startling admissions:

  • almost a third of those polled said they surfed the Internet for at least an hour each day for personal reasons,
  • some 75% of respondents said they used office time for personal e-mail and correspondence, and
  • some 59% used work time to call family and friends

The reasons for these questionable work habits, according to the survey:

  • boredom, according to 13%
  • not enough to do, cited by 10%
  • job hatred, cited by 3%