VAN Appoints Whelan To President and CEO Posts

September 10, 2003 ( - Thomas Whelan has been tapped to take the reins at Van Hedge Fund Advisors International as President and CEO of VAN and its affiliates.

Before signing on with VAN, Whelan was with NatWest, where he served in the CEO of its Global Equity Division capacity. Specifically, he was brought on at NatWest to manage the Global Equity Division’s global expansion, until that division’s operations were sold to Deutsche Bank, according to a news release.

Prior to that, he was with Morgan Stanley, a firm he joined in 1985 to build its international derivatives unit. Through the years, he was given the additional responsibilities for both North American Derivatives and North American Equity. By 1996, he was a member of Morgan Stanley’s Management Committee, Co-Chairman of the Finance Committee and Head of Firm-Wide Risk Management.

“All the factors for VAN’s success seem to be coming together – the Company has broad capabilities at a time of high and growing demand for hedge fund products and services. I look forward to greatly expanding VAN’s global presence,” Whalen said.