Vanguard Enhances Mutual Fund Statements

October 27, 2000 ( - Vanguard is overhauling its annual fund reports, offering larger print, more graphics and benchmark comparisons that should make it easier for investors - including participants - to make informed decisions.

The new annual reports will debut this month with the distribution of the 2000 annual report for Vanguard U.S. Growth Fund. Enhancements include:

  • a larger type size
  • increased use of text boxes, as well as informational graphs and charts
  • use of web icons, where appropriate, drawing attention to additional information sources on
  • an “at-a-glance summary” with key points about the fund’s performance and financial markets
  • tables highlighting changes to the fund’s holdings
  • fund performance comparisons against both a broad market index and a “best fit” benchmark.

Some of the new annual report enhancements were based upon suggestions from Vanguard shareholders, such as simplifying language and terminology.

The new annual reports are expected to remain roughly the same length as the current reports, despite the inclusion of new information and increased font size.

– Nevin Adams