Wellness Platform Offers Programs from Multiple Vendors

Products from third-party health and well-being vendors are combined on a central space to give employees personalized recommendations.

ShapeUp, a provider of global wellbeing solutions, has expanded its holistic offering to include products and programs from innovative, specialized partners that are fully integrated into its well-being platform, ShapeUp Select, a curated cohort of wellness providers. Employers and their employees can choose from an extensive menu to design a robust well-being strategy.

The ShapeUp Select partner system has products from third-party vendors that are integrated into the firm’s Wellbeing Hub, a central space for employees to receive personalized recommendations, enroll in programs, earn rewards, and connect with colleagues working towards similar health goals.

Wellness Corporate Solutions delivers technology-centric biometrics screenings that help employees gain insights about their current health status. The company also offers professional on-site, telephonic, and video health coaching programs.

A digital coaching program, meQuilibrium, offers a program that helps employees build resilience and manage stress, whether from family, work or money.

Zipongo provides a nutrition program that makes healthy eating easy and accessible with tools that make it easy to eat well and  make better food choices on a daily basis.

Claritas Mindsciences offers evidence-based digital programs for smoking cessation (Craving to Quit) and healthy eating (Eat Right: NOW!).

Benefits administrators use the platform to add new well-being programs to their employee offering. Marketing and implementation are also simpler, as employees sign into a single portal and interact with all programs from a personalized recommendation page.

More information is at ShapeUp Select’s website.