Worker Health Screenings A Big Workplace Hit

January 14, 2003 ( - Employee health screenings are among the best-attended wellness programs, according to a survey conducted by the Wellness Program Management Advisor and Wellness Junction publication.

Some 28% of the respondents said health screenings attracted the most employee participation at their places of business, the survey found.   The health screenings covered a variety of wellness subjects and health concerns, including:

  • breast cancer detection/mammograms
  • cholesterol testing/lipid screenings
  • blood pressure screenings
  • bone density/osteoporosis testing
  • diabetes testing
  • cardiac health screenings
  • glucose screenings.

Several respondents said the health screening programs offered at their work sites attracted more than 70% of the respective employee populations.

Stress Management Efforts Also Popular

Relaxation and stress management programs also ranked high among employee participants, the study found; approximately 15% of the respondents said programs of this nature were among the best-attended.

Employees showed interest in various types of nutrition and exercise programs, the survey found.


Some 9% of the respondents said walking was the most popular employee wellness activity. While 7% of the respondents said any variety of exercise program attracts sizeable employee participation, 5% said the use of onsite fitness centers is their biggest draw.

Weight loss and weight management programs, especially those that focus on exercise and nutrition, were cited by approximately 7% of the respondents.   Nutrition programs that offered healthy cooking techniques also gained popularity among employees, the study reported.

Survey respondents were responsible for the administration of wellness programs for major employers, corporations, hospitals, and colleges or universities.   The majority of respondents, more than 40%, are employed by major companies.