2012 NewsDash Archive List

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NewsDash – December 31  

Interest in Annuities Is Growing, Pension Fund Sues NYSE Euronext, SURVEY SAYS RERUN: Best and Worst Holiday Gifts


NewsDash – December 28  

What to Look for in a TRO Provider, Securities Lending Disclosure, The Fiscal Cliff and Retirement Savings Policy


NewsDash – December 27  

Insights from Industry Professionals


NewsDash – December 26  

2012 Year in Review


NewsDash – December 24  

Participant Disclosure Receives Little Attention, Using Behavioral Economics to Educate Participants, SURVEY SAYS: 2013 New Year’s Resolutions


NewsDash – December 21  

Workers Value Tax Advantages of Health Benefits, How to Spot Hidden Provider Costs, Aging Does Not Impair Financial Decision-Making


NewsDash – December 20  

Improving Retirement Savings for Executives, The Principal Announces New TPA Website, In 2012, the World Was All A”Twitter”


NewsDash – December 19  

Retirement Savings Focus Needed in the U.S., Low Interest Rates Put Premium on Guaranteed Income, 2013 Compliance Calendar


NewsDash – December 18  

DB Sponsors Planning Fewer Changes, BofA Enhances Site for Participants, Ameriprise 401(k) Fund Selection Case Moves Forward


NewsDash – December 17  

Mandatory Retirement Plans Help Higher Ed. Employees, Preparing for a Pension Risk Transfer, SURVEY SAYS: Favorite Holiday Movie


NewsDash – December 14  

Making the In-Plan Guaranteed Income Decision, Insights from Boomers Prepared for Retirement, Stock Market Perceptions Sabotage Retirement Savings


NewsDash – December 13  

Paring Down Providers: A 403(b) Sponsor’s Experience, Millennials Motivated But Not Educated, Co-Workers Can Give the Strangest Gifts


NewsDash – December 12  

Employers Oppose Change to Retirement Savings Taxation, Fidelity Lowers Investment Minimums and Costs, Employers’ Holiday Spirits Up This Year 

NewsDash – December 11  

Plan Sponsors Know What to Do, But…, Pension Funding Equation Is Not So Simple, Verizon, Prudential Complete Partial Pension Buyout


NewsDash – December 10  

Retirement Savings Threats Differ by Generation, 8 Things DC Sponsors Should Consider for 2013, Court Approves Verizon Pension Buyout


NewsDash – December 7  

Boomers with Pensions Still Face Uncertainty, Higher Ed. Plan Sponsors Looking to Simplify, Retirement Readiness: Designing an Impactful Program


NewsDash – December 6  

Americans Feel Retirement Savings Peer Pressure, Recordkeeping Costs Driving Lower DC Plan Fees, Nearly Half Considering Financial Resolutions


NewsDash – December 5  

PPACA Plan Amendment Checklist, 403(b)s Report Little Impact from Fee Disclosure, MetLife Expands Financial Education Program


NewsDash – December 4 

Americans Rethinking Retirement Funding, DC Accounts Recovered from Recession, Be Careful Not to “Float” into an ERISA Violation


NewsDash – December 3 

Lawsuit Seeks to Stop Verizon Pension Buyout, Study Shows Little Effect of Tax Incentives on Saving, SURVEY SAYS: Retirement Information Medium Preference


NewsDash – November 30 

Most Women Lack Retirement Savings Goal, Council Urges Legislative Action to Save DBs, Liability Driven Investing Is Progressing


NewsDash – November 29 

How Plan Sponsors Select Advisers, Providing a Fair Rate of Return for Savers, Drought Increases True Love’s Christmas Cost


NewsDash – November 28 

Income Replacement Figures a Help to Participants, Retirement Plan Participation Rates Stalled, Miscalculations No Cause to Extend Statute of Limitations


 NewsDash – November 27 

ASPPA Launches ‘Save My 401(k)’ Campaign, Considerations for Transferring Pension Risk, SEC Chairman Shapiro to Step Down


NewsDash – November 26 

Beneficiary Designation Should Not Be an Afterthought, The Impact of Fees on Participant Outcomes, DOL Provides Post-Hurricane Compliance Relief


NewsDash – November 21 

Ascensus to Acquire ExpertPlan, 4% Spending Rule Still Feasible, Employers More Lenient About Shopping at Work


NewsDash – November 20 

Adults Prefer Retirement Information on Paper, Many Not Preparing Well for Retirement, Groups Reject PBGC’s Call to Set Premiums


NewsDash – November 19 

To Auto-Enroll or Not to Auto-Enroll, The Fight for Retirement Plan Tax Advantages, IRS Allows for Hurricane Hardships


NewsDash – November 16 

DC Participants Maintain Status Quo, LDI Strategies Grow in Complexity, Disasters and Hardship Withdrawal Requests


NewsDash – November 15 

Employers Balance Costs with Effective Benefits, Effective Oversight of RFP Groups, TDFs Not Well-Understood


NewsDash – November 14 

Investor Caution Threatens Retirement Savings, Settlement Resolves DOL’s Madoff Suit, Long Thanksgiving Weekend Remains Employer Tradition


NewsDash – November 13 

Social Security Not Counted Out Yet, DOL’s Davis Joins Prudential, Plan Sponsors Must Prioritize Market Risks


NewsDash – November 12 

What the Election Means for Sponsors, What the Election Means for Investors, SURVEY SAYS: High School Experience Effect on Career


NewsDash – November 9 

Fidelity Average 401(k) Balance Reaches Highest Level, IRS Finalizes Relief for Bankrupt DB Sponsors, Elimination of DC to DB Transfer Permitted

 NewsDash – November 8 

Retirement Distributions and Lifetime Income, New Health Benefit Solution Available, Alternatives Can Help Manage Volatility


 NewsDash – November 7 

Plan Design Decisions for Tax-Exempt Employers, Retiremap Plan Education Tool Launched, High School Popularity Linked to Financial Success


 NewsDash – November 6 

Issues Regarding the Selection of Service Providers, Is SMM Requires After 403(b) Vendor Consolidation?, Assets Owed for ERISA Violations Cannot Be Discharged


NewsDash – November 5 

The Impact of PPACA on Retirement Plans, DOL Investigations of Service Providers, Workers Avoid Sharing Politics at Work


NewsDash – November 1   

Middle-Income Workers’ Retirement Savings Lacking, Paper Addresses LDI Misconceptions, Detroit Police Fund Sues Investment Adviser 


NewsDash – October 31 

Barry’s Pickings: The Next Four Years, Saxon Angle: Retirement Savings Reform, Gotbaum Urges More Flexibility for Retirement Plans


NewsDash – October 30 

Talks About Retirement Health Care Costs Crucial, Participants Have Inaccurate View of TDFs, Ethics for Retirement Plan Professionals


NewsDash – October 29 

Are Open MEPs Still Worth It?, Considerations for Settling Pension Obligations, SURVEY SAYS: National Save for Retirement Week Efforts


NewsDash – October 26 

More Americans Worry About Affording RetirementAmericans Need Individualized Financial AdviceUsing “Storytelling” to Communicate – Part II 

NewsDash – October 25 

Projected Savings Needed for Retiree Health Care Lower, Paper Offers Best Practices for RK Search, How to Evaluate Adviser Compensation Under 408(b)(2)


NewsDash – October 24 

Middle Class Agrees They Are Responsible for Funding Retirement, DC Plans Could Use Some DB Plan Strategies, Judge Moves Forward Fannie Mae Stock Drop Suit


NewsDash – October 23 

DC Plan Focus Is Evolving, T. Rowe Price Offers Plan Sponsor Fiduciary Training, Court Finds Baltimore County Pension Plan Discriminatory


NewsDash – October 22 

Verizon Pension Buyout Benefits Business, Retirees, Avoiding Audits Following Fee Disclosure, SURVEY SAYS: Favorite Scary Movie


NewsDash – October 19 

Retirement Plan Deferral Limit Increases for 2013, Verizon Signs Partial Pension Buyout Deal, Attorneys Ask for Service Provider 408(b)(2) Remedy


NewsDash – October 18 

Retirement Picture Rosier for Health Care Workers, Russell Redesigned TDFs, Risks Threatening DC Plan Success


NewsDash – October 17 

RMDs a Viable Draw Down Strategy, TDFs Praised by Different Types of Participant Investors, GSAM Offers Alternatives in One Fund


NewsDash – October 16 

Many Workers Passive During Benefits Enrollment, U.S. Advances to 9th in Global Pension Ranking, Getting New Investment Committee Members Up to Speed


NewsDash – October 15 

Room for Improvement in Higher Ed Retirement Plans, Fred Reish Discusse More Potential Areas of Litigation, SURVEY SAYS: Halloween Plans


NewsDash – October 12 

DC Plans Evolving in the Public Sector,. Quaker Asset Manager Divests from Major Companies, ERISA Advisory Council to Hold Open Meeting


NewsDash – October 11 

Sponsors and Participants Putting More into Retirement Plans, Political Party Drives Retirement Savings Approach, ASPPA Creates ESOP Administration Certificate


NewsDash – October 10 

DB Sponsors Should Review LDI Strategies, Financial Worry Greater for Boomer Women Than Men, The Principal Offers LDI Separate Accounts

NewsDash – October 9 

Financial Benefits Play Important Role for Employees, Castle Rock Launches Fee Disclosure Service, PLANSPONSOR Talks With Putnam Leaders


NewsDash – October 8 

HSA Savers Are Better 401(k) Savers, Many Boomers to Stay Put Upon Retirement, SURVEY SAYS: Views About Harkin’s Proposal


NewsDash – October 5 

Fewer Fortune 100’s Offering DBs, Employers Not Confident in Employee Retirement Readiness, GAO Explores Use of MEPs


NewsDash – October 4 

Record Low Health Cost Increases Recorded in 2012, List of Firms Offering Pension Lump Sums Continues to Grow, Plan May Pay Lower Benefit in Best Interest of Other Participants


NewsDash – October 3 

401(k) Participants Seek Retirement Readiness Help, Aging Boomers Not Keeping Jobs From Younger People, DOL Says Overvaluing Stock Led to ESOP Losses

 NewsDash – October 2 

Families of All Types Have Retirement Savings Concerns, ETFs Could Really Take Off, Collective Trusts: The TDF Alternative


NewsDash – October 1 

Russell White Paper Explains Pension Risk Transfer, Understanding Stable Value Funds, SURVEY SAYS: Will DBs Make a Comeback?


NewsDash – September 28 

Stock Plan Participants Earmarking Assets for Retirement, Study Links Savings Goals and Retirement Plan Access, Tail-Risk Management Integral to Investment Plan


NewsDash – September 27 

Research Cautions Against Retiring During Good Economy, Consultant Launches Cash Balance Navigator App, Top-Performing Pensions, Endowments and Foundations


NewsDash – September 26 

Higher Starting Deferral Rate Improves Savings Success, Funding Stabilization May District Pensions from Risk, Which Industry’s Workers Need the Most Coffee


NewsDash – September 25 

How to Improve Efficiency During Open Enrollment, Considerations for Re-enrolling Participants in QDIAs, Institutional Investors Say Alternatives Are Essential


NewsDash – September 24 

ABCs of Creating an Employee Education Plan, Northern Trust Offers Benefit Payments Data, Lack of Records Shifts Burden of Proof to Plan Sponsor


NewsDash – September 21 

Employers Need Incentives to Offer Retirement Plans, Where Health Meets Wealth in Retirement Planning, EBSA Offers Fee Disclosure Resource for Participants


NewsDash – September 20 

Turn the Participant Experience on Its Head, Better Decisions Generate More Retirement Income, Personalizing ETFs Creates Better Outcomes


NewsDash – September 19 

Will DBs Make a Comeback?, How to Make a Popular Plan a Successful Plan, Amending a Plan Not a Fiduciary Act


NewsDash – September 18 

How Sponsors Can Address Retirement Risk, Retirement Income: Believable Solutions for Participants, Study Finds Decrease in DC Plan Fees


NewsDash – September 17 

PANC 2012: Next Generation of Target-Date Funds, EBRI App Simplifies Retirement Savings Issues, Agencies to Hold MAP-21 Phone Forum


NewsDash – September 14 

SEI Poll Finds Majority of Pensions Frozen, Web-Based Fiduciary Educator Launched, PANC 2012: What’s Happening at the DOL?


NewsDash – September 13 

More Participants Choose Professionally Managed Investments, Eight Times Ending Salary the New Savings Goal, The Target-Date Conundrum


NewsDash – September 12 

Post Supreme Court ACA Checklist Part II, Transamerica and Diversified to Be Combined Under One Name, PANC 2012: The Politics of Retirement

NewsDash – September 11 

Employer Health Care Costs to Increase, Kiplinger Releases Tool for Boomers, Milliman 100 Funded Ratio Improves in August


NewsDash – September 10 

DC Plan Balances Take a Q2 Dip, Sponsors Need Help Following Fee Disclosure Deadline, SURVEY SAYS: Male Professionals’ Facial Hair


NewsDash – September 7 

Communication Key to Improving Retirement Readiness, Education Available for 401(k) Day, BPAS Offers Plan Loan Continuation Feature


NewsDash – September 6 

MassMutual: No Plans to Break What Works, Successful Savers Share Their Secrets, More Employer Guidance for Health Care Reform Issued


NewsDash – September 5 

SECOND OPINIONS: ACA Checklist, Advisers and Annuities Boost Retirement Confidence, MassMutual Claims The Hartford’s Retirement Business


NewsDash – September 4 

Fee Disclosures Should Not Lead to Rash Decisions, Introducing a New PLANSPONSOR Europe, SURVEY SAYS: Reaction to Fee Disclosures


NewsDash – August 31 

Working to Age 70 Still Not Enough for Many, SEC Issues Financial Literacy Study, Was DB Funding Relief Appropriate?


NewsDash – August 30 

Executives Need Help Filling Retirement Income Gap, Through-Retirement DC Investment Options Uncommon, Unfunded Pension Liabilities Most of States’ Debt


NewsDash – August 29 

Benefits of Asset Retention for DC Plans and Participants, Survey Suggests No Expected Uproar About Fee Disclosures, Weighing Pros and Cons of De-Risking Strategies


NewsDash – August 28 

Health Care Ruling Affecting Health Benefit Strategies, Retirement Plan Training Available for Plan Sponsors, 2012 Another Challenging Year for U.S. Pensions


NewsDash – August 27 

Sponsors Adding Features to Boost Participation, Savings, What Litigation Might Be Coming to 401(k) Plan Sponsors?, SURVEY SAYS: Cutting Expenses


NewsDash – August 24 

TDFs Reduce Risk for Retirement Plan Participants, Vote for Money Market Fund Reform Called Off, USI Advisors Settles DOL Suit over Fees


NewsDash – August 23 

University of Virginia Fights Surcharge for DC Plans, Best Managers You Never Heard of: 2012, Employer May Withdraw from Multi-Employer Plan  in Critical Status


NewsDash – August 22 

Principal 10 Best Companies Focus on Wellness, Fidelity Launches Retirement Planning Solution, One-Quarter of Entering Freshmen Have Hearing Loss


NewsDash – August 21 

Fee Disclosures Stir the Pot. Who Will Get Cooked?, Survey Identifies Improvement Opportunities for TPAs, Stepchildren Not “Children” for Purposes of Death Benefit


NewsDash – August 20 

Engaging Gen Y in Retirement Saving, Model Portfolio Guidance Should Not Be Ignored, SURVEY SAYS: School Memories


NewsDash – August 17 

Employers Say Employee Financial Literacy Is Important, Automation Could Help Control Health Care Costs, 403(b) Must-Reads


NewsDash – August 16 

Many Participants Do Not Understand Fees, Employers Want to Improve Benefits Communications, Wells Fargo Enhances Plan Benchmarks


NewsDash – August 15 

Some Participants Use Simple Math to Allocate Investments, Firm Offers Checklist for Participant Fee Disclosure, Not in the Elevator, Please


NewsDash – August 14 

DC Sponsors Should Focus More on Deferral Rates, Providers Suggest Ways to Improve Social Security Education, MEPP Liabilities a Concern for Contributing Employers


NewsDash – August 13 

Relationship Management Key to Recordkeeper Success, Cerulli Predicts More Use of Custom TDFs by Large 401(k)s, SURVEY SAYS: Cursing at Work


NewsDash – August 10 

Employees Asking More Retirement Questions, State Pension Assets Rose Nearly $325B in 2011, Successor Employer Bound to Retiree Benefits by CBAs


NewsDash – August 9 

Employers of Part-Timers Most Affected by ACA Costs, Baby Boomer Voters Driven  by Retirement Concerns, Individuals Seek Guaranteed Income Outside Retirement Plans


NewsDash – August 8 

DC Participants Saving Too Little, Russell Rolls Out Target-Duration LDI Funds, Proof That a Stressful Job Ages You


NewsDash – August 7 

Participants Ready for Guaranteed Income Options, Legal Constraints Hurt Public Pensions’ Adaptability, Fee Disclosures a Valuable Benchmarking Tool


NewsDash – August 6 

A Message from U.S. Senator Tom Harkin, Overestimate of Pension Benefit Not a Fiduciary Breach, SURVEY SAYS: Retirement Plan Service Provider Satisfaction


NewsDash – August 3 

Gen Y Most Properly Allocated 401(k) Participants, Paper Explores Risk of Guaranteed Investment Products, Another Company Offers Lump-Sums to De-Risk Pension


NewsDash – August 2 

Investors Suggest New Job As Retirement Strategy, Consider PBGC Premiums Before Reducing DB Contributions, Funded Ratio Not a Sufficient Measure of DB Financial Help


NewsDash – August 1 

Loyalty to Retirement Service Providers Grows, Five Moves Plan Sponsors Should Make in 2012 – Part II, Employers Look Down on Potty Mouths


NewsDash – July 31 

Five Moves Plan Sponsors Should Make in 2012, Callan Introduces Interactive Target-Date Index, DOL Issues Clarification for Participant Fee Disclosure Guidance


NewsDash – July 30 

No Advantage for Employers in Dropping Health Care Coverage, Harkin Retirement System Proposal Gets Mixed Reviews, SURVEY SAYS: How Is Your Commute?


NewsDash – July 27 

DB Income Reduces Poverty Risk in Older Americans, Public Sector Employees Uncertain About Retirement Income, DOL Sues CEO for Selling Inflated Shares to ESOP


NewsDash – July 26 

Lifetime Income Key for Effective 401(k), Many Do Not Know How to Prepare for Retirement, Investors Should Move Back into Equities


NewsDash – July 25 

Common Mistakes Plan Sponsors Should Avoid, When Avoiding Fiduciary Status Might Not Be an Option, Workers Report a Stressful Commute


NewsDash – July 24 

Now Hear This… You Will All Stop Saving, Half of Those with a Financial Plan on Track to Meet Goals, Mercer Selects Millennium for Rollover Solution


NewsDash – July 23 

Young Investors Have the Power of Compounding, PLANSPONSOR’s 2012 Transition Management Survey, Incorporating Risk Parity into DC Plans


NewsDash – July 20 

How Much Is Enough, Anyway?, Making a Retirement Income Option Available to Plan Participants, S&P Ads “To” and “Through” to TDF Indices


NewsDash – July 19 

Plan Sponsors Should Avoid Investment “Jargon”, DC Participants Want to Save More, Need Education and Help, Employer to Pay $500K for Failing to Monitor TPA


NewsDash – July 18 

Retirement Income Options a Win-Win for Sponsors and Participants, Any Kind of Employment Improves Retirement Outlook, MetLife Releases Fiduciary Assessment Quiz


NewsDash – July 17 

PPACA a Launching Point for Important Employee Discussions, Obesity — How Investors Can Tap the Growth, 4th Circuit Uses High Court Decision to Allow for Surcharge


NewsDash – July 16 

Health Care Reform Could Prompt Earlier Retirement, A Reminder About 403(b) Information Sharing Agreements, SURVEY SAYS: Friday the 13th and Superstitions


NewsDash – July 13 

Women Far Behind in Retirement Planning, State Decisions About Health Care Reform Could Impact Employers, Transfer to New QDIA Did Not Violate ERISA


NewsDash – July 12 

Face-to-Face Meetings May Boost Retirement Savings, Retirees Caught Off-Guard by Health Care Expenses, Further Guidance Possible Regarding Brokerage Windows


NewsDash – July 11 

Analysis Indicates Recession Stalled Retirement Savings, Ask the Experts – Vendor Failed to Provide Fee Disclosure, Narcissists Have More Facebook Friends


NewsDash – July 10 

Paper Addresses How to Improve Retirement Plan Enrollment, Real Estate Number One Alternative Asset of Pension Funds, SEC Takes Another Step in Regulating OTC Derviatives


NewsDash – July 9 

Preventing a Fee Backlash, Five Qualities of a Good Service Provider, Pension Relief Bill Presents Risks


NewsDash – July 6 

Are DBs a Dead End?, Towers Watson Provides Roadmap for DC Investment Choices, Fastest Pension Buy-In Completed in the UK


NewsDash – July 5 

Build a Better 401(k), Asset Managers Looking at New Investment Processes, Despite Funding Relief, DB Contributions May Stay Up


NewsDash – July 3 

Recordkeepers Offer More Products and Services than Ever, Guardian Rolls Out Fee Disclosure Website, DB Sponsors Have Incentive to Keep Plans Well-Funded


NewsDash – July 2 

Reaction to Health Care Ruling Differs by Sector, Lessons Learned from 403(b) Peers, Congress Passes Bill with Pension Funding Relief


NewsDash – June 29 

Plan Sponsors Should Take Action Following PPACA Ruling, Supreme Court Ruling Just the Beginning, More DB Sponsors Looking for Fiduciary Investment Managers


NewsDash – June 28 

More Fixed-Income Options Could Help Participants, Broadridge Offers Fee Disclosure Solution, What Is Revenue Sharing?


NewsDash – June 27 

Employers Hoping for Repeal of Health Reform Law, More Participants Choosing Professionally Managed Investments, GASB Approves New Pension Accounting Standards


NewsDash – June 26 

2012 PLANSPONSOR DC Survey Registration, Audio from 2012 PLANSPONSOR National Conference Available, Whitepaper Addresses Fiduciary’s Role in DB Plan Terminations


NewsDash – June 25 

The Greying of the American Workforce, Why Current Plan Design Models Are Failures, DOL Speaks About Fiduciary Redefinition Proposal


NewsDash – June 22 

Employers Need “Immediate” Guidance Following ACA Ruling, IRS Proposes Anti-Cutback Relief for DB Sponsors in Bankruptcy, Bosses Get Away While Workers Stay


NewsDash – June 21 

Picking the Right Retirement Plan Adviser, Factors Affecting Adoption of Retirement Income Solutions, Online Tools Help Sponsors Benchmark Advisers


NewsDash – June 20 

Plan Value Not About Fees Only, J.P. Morgan Announces Recordkeeping Solution, Pension Funding Stabilization Not a Long-Term Cure


NewsDash – June 19 

Companies Not Confident in Understanding ACA Requirements, Most TDFs Employ a “Through” Glidepath, Public Pension Fund Not Eligible for Bankruptcy Protection


NewsDash – June 18 

PSNC 2012: Fixing 403(b) Plan Mistakes, Nursing Home Stays Deplete Seniors’ Assets, SURVEY SAYS: Dad’s Wisdom


NewsDash – June 15 

Use of NQDC Plans At All-Time High, ASPPA Suggests Improvements for Beneficiary Designations, ABC Urges No Mandate for Retirement Income Solutions


NewsDash – June 14 

Majority of DB Participants Still Accruing Benefits, Court Finds ERISA Violation from Following Terms of ESOP, PSNC 2012: How Not to Get Sued


NewsDash – June 13 

PSNC 2012: Retirement at the Tipping Point, Employees Making Progress Toward Retirement Readiness, Dad Gets a Raise for “Home” Work


NewsDash – June 12 

Employers Adjusting for Additional Costs from PPACA, PSNC 2012: Liability-Driven Investing, IRS Lists Issues Found in Audited DB Plans


NewsDash – June 11 

Beyond the 403(b) Quick Fix, Five Things to Know About Pension Risk Transfer, PSNC 2012: Washington Update


NewsDash – June 8 

PSNC 2012: Defining Success, Asset Allocation Not Greatest Influence on Retirement Security, Certain Careers Worse on the Waistline than Others


NewsDash – June 7 

Employers Say ACA Individual Mandate Will Be Overturned, One-in-Three to Delay Retirement, College Savings Plan Assets Increase


NewsDash – June 6 

Strategic Communiation Can Help Participation Rates, Fee Disclosure Top of Mind for Plan Sponsors, IRS to Discuss 403(b) Written Plan Requirements


NewsDash – June 5 

401(k) Plans Can Move to the “3.0” Level, Stable Value Funds Still Strong Investment, No Safe Harbor If 401(a) Match Tied to 403(b)


NewsDash – June 4 

GM Transfers Some Pension Risk, Clarity Needed for IRS Partial Annuity Rules, SURVEY SAYS: What’s on Your Reading List for the Summer?


NewsDash – June 1 

ASPPA Counters Retirement Plan Fee Analysis, PwC Predicts Historically Low Growth in Healthcare Spending, SPARK Releases New Version of 403(b) Census Best Practices


NewsDash – May 31 

Retirement Plan Fees Consume 30% of Assets, DOL Says Open MEPs Not Single Employee Plans, IRS Issues Guidance on Applying FSA Limit


NewsDash – May 30 

Executives Have Unique Retirement Planning Needs, Open MEPs Provide Fiduciary and Cost Benefits, SPARK Helps with Multi-Vendor 403(b) Disclosures


NewsDash – May 29 

Buying an Annuity from Social Security “Best Deal in Town”, Companies Scout Ways to Enhance DC Plans, Concerns Linger About Fee Disclosure Guidance


NewsDash – May 25 

More Workers Estimated to Be Retirement Ready, GAO Calls for More Sponsor Education About Fees, DOL Answer in Fee Disclosure Guidance “Surprising”


NewsDash – May 24 

Employment-Based Health Coverage Rate Continues to Shrink, Sponsors of Active DB Plans Remain Committed, Arrow Introduces Institutional Share Class


NewsDash – May 23 

403(b)s Show Culture of Continuous Improvement, J.P. Morgan Sued for Retirement Plan Losses, TDF Investors Need More Graphics and Data


NewsDash – May 22 

Small Employer Health Insurance Tax Credit Not Enough, Mercer Asks Congress for Pension Funding Reforms, Employees Playing Hooky to Watch Sports


NewsDash – May 21 

401(k) Participation Rate Higher with Auto Features, DOL Notes a Change to Recent Fee Disclosure Guidance, On What Retirement Issues Should Policymakers Focus?


NewsDash – May 18 

Auto Escalation Proposed for Federal TSP, Americans Want Most to Protect Retirement Assets from Risk, Fiduciary Liability Continues After Company Close


NewsDash – May 17 

Workers Changing Expectations of Retirement, Institutional Investors Find New Uses for ETFs, Hutcheson Faces More DOL Charges


NewsDash – May 16 

Workers Need Better Sources for Retirement Planning Information, Principal Resource Evaluates Retirement Plan Fees, LPL Unveils Rollover Program


NewsDash – May 15  

Mercer Launches Retirement Education Campaign, Fiduciary Evaluation Tool Launched, 11th Circuit Affirms Home Depot’s Stock Drop Suit Win


NewsDash – May 14 

Fee Disclosure Guidance Provides 403(b)s Comfort, Report Calls for Higher Consistent DC Plan Contributions, PSCA President to Retire


NewsDash – May 11 

Retirees Provide Insights for Retirement Planning Success, Fidelity Launches Global Equity Income Funds, Mothers Taking Less Maternity Leave


NewsDash – May 10 

Nearly Half of Americans Not Saving for Retirement, Fidelity Releases Estimate of Medical Expense in Retirement, SEC Charges Pension Fiduciaries with Soliciting Gifts


NewsDash – May 9 

Women Saving More, Borrowing Less from 401(k)s, TDF Glidepaths Change Little in 2011, ASPPA Comments on Lifetime Income Proposals


NewsDash – May 8 

401(k) Participants Mostly Unengaged in Retirement Planning, Public Pensions Struggle to Make Required Contributions, EBSA Issues FAQs About Participant Fee Disclosures

NewsDash – May 7 

403(b)s Learn the Language of Recordkeeping, Real Assets Can Help Participants Achieve Goals, SURVEY SAYS: Are you ready for fee disclosure rules?


NewsDash – May 4 

ERIC President Retiring, Managed Accounts Address Older Participants’ Concerns, Groups Comment on Proposal Encouraging Partial Annuities


NewsDash – May 3 

401(k) Participants Exit Fixed Income in March, Employer Cannot Use ERISA to Stop Deferred Comp Benefits, Covering Non-Profits Changes State Governmental Plan Status


NewsDash – May 2 

Questions Answered About Summary of Benefits and Coverage, Good Health Leads to Retirement Savings Adequacy, Groups Ask for Grace Period for Fee Disclosure


NewsDash – May 1 

Obstacles Remain for Retirement Income Solutions, Consultant Urges Review of Pension Operating Model, Factors to Consider Before Pension Risk Transfer


NewsDash – April 30 

Sponsors Evaluate Ways to Increase TDF Efficacy, Regulations Changing Use of OTC Derivatives, IRS Announces Limitations on HSA Contributions


NewsDash – April 27 

Americans Unprepared to Live to Life Expectancy, Firms Offer Executive Beneift Solutions, IRS Requests Comments on Health Care Reform Provisions


NewsDash – April 26 

Rate of Poverty Among Seniors Increased, Wells Fargo Enhances Participant Website, Cellular Company Owner Accused of Misusing ESOP


NewsDash – April 25 

The Right Way to Educate Participants, Designing the Best Match, No News Is Good News for NQDC and Executive Benefits

 NewsDash – April 24 

Trustees Report Shows Social Security Depleted by 2033, Corporate DB Plans Need Glide Path Strategy, Another Public Pension Sues BP 

 NewsDash – April 23 

The Business Sense of Helping Employees Retire, 403(b) Sponsors Focus on Improving Plans, How Strong an Incentive Is the Company Match?

 NewsDash – April 20  

Sponsors Failing to Measure Employees’ Retirement Progress, Participate in PLANADVISER’s First-Ever DCIO Listing, Ohio Pension Funds Sue BP

NewsDash – April 19  

2012 DB Plan Administration Survey, IRS Releases Governmental Plan Normal Retirement Age Proposals, Court Moves Forward Excessive Fee Claims Against John Hancock

NewsDash – April 18 

Experts Discuss Retirement Security at House Committee Hearing, Plan Sponsors Increase Use of Automated Savings and Investing Solutions, The Principal Enhances DB Termination Progam

NewsDash – April 17 

Employer Confidence in Employee Retirement Assets Drops, Southern College Towns Ideal Retirement Location, Court Turns Away Claims Against U.S. Steel Pension

NewsDash – April 16 

Pension Trustee Pleads Guilty to $5M Pension Theft, Participant Education Needed Before 404(a)(5) Deadline, SURVEY SAYS: What’s the Most Unusual Question You’ve Recieved

NewsDash – April 13  

Retirement Confidence Continues to Erode, Ameriprise Wins Excessive Mutual Fund Fees Case, Law Firm to End Discriminatory Retirement Policy 

NewsDash – April 12 

Principal Preserviation Still a Focus for Retirement Plan Participants, Most Plan Sponsors Find No Need to Switch to ETFs, Retiree Loses Bid to Recover 2008 Losses

NewsDash – April 11 

What the SCOTUS Decision on Health Care Reform Could Mean, Firms Offer Summary of Benefits and Coverage Solution, Strange IT Help Desk Requests

NewsDash – April 10  

Report Encourages Saving Early for Retirement, What is the Best Way to Evaluate an Investment Manager, Plan Sponsors Need More Guidance About Electronic Fee Disclosures 

NewsDash – April 9 

Government Struggling to Keep Up with Unexpected Retirements, Part-Time University Employees Not Eligible for Benefits, Do Not Delay in Preparing for Participant Fee Disclosures

NewsDash – April 6 

BLS Releases Report about Public Worker Health Benefits, Corporate Pension Plan Funding Slipped in 2011, Whopping DC Contribution Needed to Equal DB Benefits 


NewsDash – April 5 

J.P. Morgan to Shed Mortgage Debt Investments, Baby Boomers Retiring On Time, Gotbaum Encourages Traditional Pension Offerings


NewsDash – April 4 

Participate in PLANSPONSOR’s 2012 DC Recordkeeping Survey, DC Plan Assets Approach $4T, ABB and Fidelity Found Liable in Excessive Fee Suit

NewsDash – April 3 

Maintaining Retirement Plan for Expatriates Presents Challenges, Wilshire Touts Use of REITs in TDFs, BP Stock Drop Suit Dismissed


NewsDash – April 2 

2012 Retirement Plan Adviser and Adviser Team of the Year, Happy Employee Benefits Day!, EEOC Issues Final Rule Under ADEA


NewsDash – March 30 

PLANSPONSOR’s Annual Awards for Excellence Dinner


NewsDash – March 29 

Younger Workers Look for Employers with DB Plans, Parts of Health Care Law Could Be Thrown Out, DOL Urged to Permit Broader use of Electronic Disclosures


NewsDash – March 28 

Communication Designs Make a Difference to Younger Workers, Paper Offers Public Sector Cost Strategies for Health Plans, Inflation Risk Is Different for DB and DC Plans


NewsDash – March 27 

Supreme Court Hears Testimony About Health Care Reform, Bank of America Launches Small Business 401(k), Appellate Court Agrees Delta Did Not Violate Anti-Cutback Rule 

 NewsDash – March 26 

The Benefits of One-on-One Communication with Participants, TDFs Continue Growth, SURVEY SAYS: Thoughts about Changing the Tax Treatment of 401(k)s

NewsDash – March 23  

How to Handle M&A Retirement Plan Transitions, Court Rules Estate Can Sue Ex-Wife for Retirement Benefits, Solis Says DoL Not Rushing on Fiduciary Definition Proposal

NewsDash – March 22 

Plan Sponsors Not Sold on Bundling, The Hartford Puts Retirement Plan Business on the Block, J.P. Morgan Settles Securities Lending Suit

NewsDash – March 21 

Register for the 2012 PLANSPONSOR National Conference, Changing Tax Treatment of 401(k)s Will Reduce Accounts, No Effective Date Delay for Summary of Benefits and Coverage

NewsDash – March 20 

Employers Underestimate Power of Leveraging Benefit Programs, TDF Complexity Makes Evaluation Difficult, Officials Propose Rules for Health Plan Contraceptive Coverage

 NewsDash – March 19 

Will the Market Emerge for an All-ETF 401(k)?, The Case for a National Retirement “Policy”, Exemption for the Use of Proprietary Mutual Funds

NewsDash – March 16  

White Paper Address Pension Risk Transfer, Preparing for 408(b)(2), Senate Passes Pension Funding Relief

NewsDash – March 15 

ING Introduces Mobile App for Participants, Americans Realize Need for Financial Plan, Court Dismisses Claims against Solis for PPA Provision

NewsDash – March 14 

Has the Time Come for ETFs in DC Plans?, TDFs Decrease Investing Extremes, DC Plan Participants Have a Home Bias for Investing

NewsDash – March 13 

Announcing Retirement Plan Adviser of the Year Finalists, Confidence in Ability to Retire Remains Low, Asset International Launches New Publication 

 NewsDash – March 12 

Ford Plan Pension Lump Sums to Reduce Risk, Health Care Reform Increasing Costs for Employers, SURVEY SAYS: Do You Discuss Politics at Work?

NewsDash – March 9  

Employers Asking More from Health Benefit Providers, Participants Look to Employers for Inflation Guidance, Court Dismisses Claims of Improper Investment Selection 

NewsDash – March 8 

Economic Climate Affected IRA Contributions, Written Financial Plan for Retirement Boosts Confidence, Kraft Agrees to Settle 401(k) Excessive Fee Suit


NewsDash – March 7 

Gotbaum Says Retirement Industry Needs More Choices, Mercer Outlines Strategy for Managing Pension Risk, Pension Spending Provides Economic Stimulus


NewsDash – March 6  

Unions Sue New York State over Health Benefits Changes, State Pensions See Bump in Funded Status, IRS Addresses Agreements to Rehire Retirees

NewsDash – March 5 

PLANSPONSOR Announces 2012 Plan Sponsors of the Year, Don’t Let Health Care Reform Sneak Up on You, GAO Reports Public DBs Efforts to Increase Sustainability 


NewsDash – March 2 

Now is the Time to Push the Retirement Savings Message, Employers Continue to Increase Wellness Program Efforts, EBSA Extends Comment Period for MEWA Registration Rule



NewsDash – March 1 

Lawmakers Propose Cutting Payouts to Former Presidents, How Health Care Employers Can Control Health Care Costs, DB Risk Management Increasingly Focused on Liabilities


NewsDash – February 29 

SECOND OPINIONS: Covering Women’s Preventive Care – Part II, VALIC Releases Smartphone App for Plan Participants, Northern Trust Loses Attempt to Transfer Blame to Pension Funds


NewsDash – February 28  

401(k) Participants Turn Back to Equities in January, State Street Forex Practices Investigated, PBGC Puts Pension Insurance Data Tables Online 

NewsDash – February 27 

Bank of America to Move from DB to DC, Pre-Funding Could Shave Billions off Calif. OPEB Costs, Billions of Pounds of UK Pension Credit Unclaimed


NewsDash – February 24 

Majority of Young Adults not Investing in Retirement, IRS Releases Form for Newly-Extended Payroll Tax Cut, Court Revives State Street Stock Drop Suit by GM Participants  


 NewsDash – February 23 

Discussing Adequacy Is the Wrong Place to Start, Company Stock Cases Continue to Take Top Billing, Reasonable Compensation — Brought to Light by 408(b)(2)


NewsDash – February 22 

PLANADVISER’s Top 100 Retirement Plan Advisers, Five Things You Need to Know About NQDC Plans, Plan Sponsors Revisit Emerging Market Equities

 NewsDash – February 21 

ING Launches Education Campaign for America Saves Week, Target-Date Assumptions You Need to Know, SURVEY SAYS: Have you measured your retirement readiness?


NewsDash – February 17  

Multi-Employer Pension Plan Funding Keeps Improving, PBGC Offers Premium Penalty Relief, Court Finds 401(k) Loan Payoff Frees Income to Pay Creditors 


NewsDash – February 16 

GM Freezing Salaried Worker Pension, DST Offers Recordkeeping Solution for Retirement Income Products, CalPERS Releases Cost Analysis of Creating Hybrid Plan


NewsDash – February 15 

Home-Related Costs Top Expenditures in Retirement, Tax Treatment of 401(k)s Cost Treasury $50B Per Year, Budget Proposal Would Impact Retirement Savings for Some


NewsDash – February 14 

Michigan Unions Sue over State Retirement Changes, PNC Finds Mesirow Financial’s Fiduciary Services, Greek Pension Pact Details Revealed


NewsDash – February 13 

Lawmaker Says Keeping Teacher Pay Low is Biblical, Charter Schools to be Affected by Change in Governmental Plan Definition, SURVEY SAYS: Favorite Super Bowl Commercials


NewsDash – February 10   

Employee 401(k) Contributions and Balances up in 2011, UK Pensions Industry Considering Standard Code of Practice, EBSA Releases Final Summary of Benefits and Coverage Regulations


 NewsDash – February 9   

Federal Thrift Savings Plan Preparing for Roth Option, Firms Still Committed to NQDC Plans, German Court Lowers Pensions for Nazi-Rules Jewish Ghetto Workers 


NewsDash – February 8 

 PPACA: Covering Women’s Preventive Care – Part 1, Study Finds Decreasing Number of Provider Changes, Share of Assets in Company Stock Declined Since PPA 


 NewsDash – February 7 

Plan Sponsors Report Limited Inclusion in Fee Disclosure Design,  New Yorkers Facing Retirement Crisis, Plan Sponsors Must Be Aware of Effects of Final 408(b)(2) Rule 


NewsDash – February 6 

IRS Compliance Check Shows Impact of Downturn on 401(k) Offerings, EPIC Chooses Castle Rock’s Fee Disclosure Solution, Industry Players Mostly Positive About Final Fee Disclosure Rule


NewsDash – February 3  

DoL Issues Final Fee Disclosure Rule, Treasury Proposals Pave Way for Lifetime Income Offerings, ERIC Asks Congress to Fix Pension Funding Rules 

 NewsDash – February 2 

American Airlines Proposes Termination of Pensions, Taskforce Offers Model Fee Disclosure Form for 403(b)s, Hedging Strategy Gives Danish Pension Fund Record Return


NewsDash – February 1 

Announcing PLANSPONSOR’s 2012 Plan Sponsor of the Year Finalists,  Fidelity Launches Defined Benefit Participant Education, Dalbar Introduces Fee Disclosure Certification Program


NewsDash – January 31  

States Again File Brief in Support of Health Care Reform, Global Pension Fund Assets Grew 4% in 2011, Properly Terminating a 403(b) Plan


 NewsDash – January 30 

Be Careful What You Say (About Plan Providers), Pension Accounting Changes Negatively Affecting Corporate Earnings, And the Winner for Best Picture Is…


NewsDash – January 27 

Navigating the Relationship with Your Investment Consultant, ERISA Claim Based on Wal-Mart Discrimination Dismissed, Court Finds No Proof of Benefits Interference by Duke Energy 


 NewsDash – January 26 

Retirement Plan Participants Want Simple Guidance, Broadridge Provides Fee Disclosure Overview to Sponsors, Pension Fund Defends Investments in Tobacco Industry


NewsDash – January 25 

PPACA Form W-2 Reporting Requirements, Retirement Planning Differs Between Genders, 401(k) Participant Transfer Activity Slowed in December


NewsDash – January 24 

Two-Thirds of Gen X Lack Retirement Confidence, FiPath Launches Retirement Education Campaign, Finadium Identifies Issues with Securities Lending, Custody


NewsDash – January 23 

Employers not Offering Desired Wellness Benefits, J.P. Morgan Positioning Portfolios in Anticipation of “Big Event”, Did NewsDash Readers Get Their Wish for Super Bowl Contenders?


NewsDash – January 20 

Retirement Confidence Improves, House Bill Would Repeal Long-Term Care Provision of Health Reform, Miami Tops Happiest Cities to Work List

 NewsDash – January 19 

Conn. Receives Top Spot in Worst States to Retire List, Ideas from Other Countries on Fixing the U.S. Retirement System, Pension Risk Transfer Offers an Alternative to DB Sponsors


 NewsDash – January 18 

PLANSPONSOR’s 2012 403(b) Buyer’s Guide, Industry Reps Identify Fee Disclosure Issues for 403(b)s, U.S. Court Blocks UK Pension Fund’s Debt Claim


NewsDash – January 17 

States File Brief in Support of Health Reform Law, Study Finds Benefits of Partnering with Advisers, HHS Deems One Insurer’s Premium Increases “Unreasonable”


NewsDash – January 13  

Cat Hiccups Among Odd Worker Excuses for Tardiness, Prudential Retirement Makes TRS Leadership Appointments, Canadians Feel More Secure About Retirement than Americans 

 NewsDash – January 12 

Older Americans Cut Back Health Care to Save Money, SunTrust Adds Fiduciary Service to 401(k) Platform, Investors Express Optimism for Retirement Plan Investing


 NewsDash – January 11 

Sponsors Need to Know More About Retirement Plan Fees, N.J. Lawmakers Approve Ban on Pensions for Lobbyists, Public Sector Pension Uncertainty Stalls Divorces in the UK


NewsDash – January 10 

The Principal Expands Fiduciary Services, SPARK Releases Templates of Fee Disclosure Data Layouts, Which Health Plan Benefits Are “Essential” under PPACA?


NewsDash – January 9 

J.P. Morgan Shares 2012 Predictions for Institutional Space, Milliman Reports a Bad Year for Pensions, SURVEY SAYS: Best and Worst Holiday Gifts of 2012

NewsDash – January 6 

Employers Would Follow Peers on Offering Health Benefits, Mercer’s Realigned Investment Organization to Advise More, IRS Announces 2012 Covered Compensation for Permitted Disparity 


NewsDash – January 5 

Lincoln Launches Consumer Insights Group, Corporate Pension Deficits Widen Again in 2011, Estimates Reveal Pensions Have Reaped the Rewards from De-Risking


NewsDash – January 4 

Employers Cite Retirement Plan Governance Challenges, Walmart Blacklisted by Dutch Pension Fund, IRS Updates Revenue Procedures on Letter Rulings, Determination Letters


NewsDash – January 3 

NY Unions File Lawsuit over Retiree Health Changes, 457(f) Guidance on IRS 2012 Agenda, SURVEY SAYS: The Most Annoying Workplace Buzzword


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