International Equity Remains a Top Draw to Investors

Net new investments in stock and bond funds totaled $49.4 billion in March, according to investment research and analytics provider Strategic Insight.

March totals for net new investments in stock and bond funds dipped to $49.4 billion, down from the previous month’s $56.7 billion, according to data from Strategic Insight, an Asset International Company.

Net intake to equity products rose to $40 billion from February’s $32.2 billion, driven by a $38.3 billion inflow to international equity. Actively managed international equity funds attracted $12.7 billion in March—a rise from the $6.9 billion of the previous month, led by demand for international growth products ($3.5 billion).

Taxable bond funds attracted lower flows of $7.4 billion during the month—a dip from February’s $30.8 billion—with $4.8 billion of inflows to global bond funds.

The month’s fund returns showed negative returns for international equity, at -1.1%, and for U.S. equity, at -0.8%. One-month average bond fund returns were flat at 0.1% during the month.

Money market fund net redemptions totaled $27.1 billion in March, up from $9.3 billion in February.

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