A.G. Edwards Introduces Individual Nest Egg Score Estimator

June 23, 2006 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - A.G. Edwards has announced that it has added The Nest Egg Score Estimator to its Web site - a tool allowing individuals to get an idea of how they are doing in building their nest eggs.

According to the announcement, in doing their quarterly Nest Egg Score research, the company found that individuals are interested in learning more about their own efforts in personal savings. A.G. Edwards Chairman and CEO Robert Bagby said in the announcement that the tool not only gives individuals an idea of how they are doing, but also provides tips to help them reach their financial goals.

The Estimator assigns numerical values to various pieces of information that pertain to wealth-building and calculates a three-digit score between 450 and 850, similar to a credit rating, and assigns a poor-fair-good-excellent rating. The Estimator can be accessed at www.nesteggscore.com .

The company’s current Nest Egg Score for the nation shows that investors are not as confident as they were last quarter. June’s score is 631, down from 648 in March, the announcement said. A.G. Edwards attributes this to a drop in the nation’s personal savings rate, a lower level of home ownership, an increase in household taxes and a more negative consumer outlook on future savings prospects.

Those surveyed expecting “an increase in their ability to save or invest money” declined to 16% from 20% in March, while the percentage of adults anticipating “their ability to save or invest money will decrease” edged up to 11% from 9% in March.

More about the Nest Egg Score can be found on the company’s Web site at www.agedwards.com .