A Little Friday File Fun

In Changsha, Hunan Province, China, a man was taken to the hospital after a car accident with non-life-threatening injuries. After doctors contacted his relatives, they and hospital staff were stunned when at least 17 women showed up soon after. Each thought she was the man’s girlfriend, and one had even had a child with him. One of the now-former girlfriend’s set up an online chat group for them all. She told Changsha newspaper Xiaoxiang Chen Bao she had learned that some of the man’s other now-former girlfriends had given him money each month—sometimes large sums—with one woman providing him with financial support for nine years. He’ll have to find some other game now.

In Odessa, Texas, an off-duty police officer noticed what looked like a firefighter use sirens and flashing lights from his law-enforcement-marked truck to skip to the head of the drive-thru line of a restaurant. The officer followed the man home to confront him about this abuse of power. According to the Associated Press, when confronted, the man admitted he was not a firefighter and that he sometimes used the lights and sirens to get through traffic lights. He was arrested for impersonating an officer.

In Virginia Beach, Virginia, a woman caused a crash while on the way home from buying some be.er. As EMS attempted to treat the serious injuries to the woman’s leg, she grabbed a be.er and began drinking it. According to WAVY-TV, the officer was able to pry the beer from her hand, but she reached for the case of be.er on the floor and grabbed another. Police say the woman had a blood alc.ohol level five times the legal limit.

In San Diego, California, a woman’s car stalled in the middle of I-15, and she got out of the car and started meandering on foot on the freeway. She asked a 10News photojournalist for jumper cables as cars sped by. A taxi driver and motorcyclist pulled over to help, but the woman decided to walk back across the freeway and get into her car. A bystander started directing traffic until others got the woman to a safe place. Police showed up and arrested her for drun.ken driving.

In Estero, Florida, a woman awoke to sounds she thought was her husband downstairs getting ready for work. She went downstairs to greet him, but discovered a black bear in her kitchen. According to UPI, she immediately feared for her cats’ safety, but they were atop the cabinets as the bear was eating the family’s Easter chocolate candy. The bear eventually left the house.

Facts about eyes.

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Fitness trends over the last 100 years.

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In New York City, someone started a dance party on a subway.

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