A Little Friday File Fun

In Wuhan, China, a university student found a bird’s nest in his pants. The student at the Wuhan University of Science and Technology’s School of Automotive Engineering told Chutian Metropolis Daily that he was in the habit of simply throwing off his clothes after arriving back in his dorm room after going to the gym, and then waiting until the weekend to do the laundry. However, before he did the laundry, the pants he had hung up on the balcony had a new occupant. After the story spread around campus, students said they felt sorry for the birds who were now out of a home, and called on fellow classmates to leave their dirty laundry outside, in order to help out nature.

In Bristol, England, police saw what they thought was a collapsed man and rushed to his aid. However, when they got closer, they realized it was a 4-foot-long alligator. According to the Huffington Post, the owner of a local reptile store was taking the alligator out for a walk when officers mistook it for a prostrate person.

In Stafford, Virginia, a crafty dog escaped an animal hospital. According to news reports, surveillance footage captured the dog opening the door to his cage then turning another door’s handle with his mouth. Video next shows him exiting the building and strolling around the parking lot. Fortunately, he was later found resting in a nearby yard and an animal control officer returned him to the animal hospital.

In Lynn, Massachusetts, a 79-year-old man received a check for two cents from the U.S. Treasury Department. News reports say he has already received his tax refunds and his monthly pension. He doesn’t know why he received it, and doesn’t plan on asking. He also doesn’t plan on cashing the check; he paid more than $82 to have a custom frame made for it.

In East Palestine, Ohio, an 8-year-old boy drove his 4-year-old sister to McDonald’s in their father’s van. They snuck out of their home after their parents went to sleep. According to the Huffington Post, during the mile-and-a-half long journey to the restaurant, the boy successfully navigated railroad tracks and multiple intersections. Concerned witnesses called the police, despite the fact that the boy had remained under the speed limit and obeyed all other traffic laws. The boy said he learned to drive by watching a YouTube video. The police say no neglect was involved and no charges would be filed.

A combination of juggling and pool make for some very cool trick shots.

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This cat may be a little chubby, but it is determined to get under the door.

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Funny how this Dad tricks his son into walking instead of taking the car.

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