A Little Friday File Fun

In Gulfport, Mississippi, a man started with a lump on his stomach and it continued to grow until his quality of life declined.  For more than 12 years, Roger Logan said physicians put the non-cancerous growth that dangled from his midsection down to obesity, according to the local ABC News station. Finally, a doctor realized it was a tumor. They successfully removed the 130-pound tumor from his abdomen.

In Radcliffe, England, police were called about a burglary attempt. When they arrived at the home, they found the would-be burglar with his head stuck in a small bathroom window, his knees on the sill and feet dangling. It took fire crews about 20 minutes to extricate the man from his predicament, the Manchester Evening News reports. He injured his ear as he was being set free. He was charged with burglary with intent.

In Lakeland, Florida, a man was arrested after he allegedly set up the wire transfers from what the criminal complaint described as “a large, nationally renowned financial institution.” The man, who was unemployed, needed to pay off a debt to the federal government, prosecutors said. His alleged scheme was to provide a bank routing number that wasn’t his, according to NBC Miami. He used that routing number to make more than 70 transactions worth more than $7 billion. The TV station says the man allegedly told investigators that he believed he deserved the money, stating that “Jesus Christ created wealth for everyone.” He told them he believed his wire transfer scheme would allow him to “obtain the wealth that Jesus Christ created for him and that belonged to him,” the complaint said.

In Henryetta, Oklahoma, the town had scheduled a Valentine’s dance, but it was cancelled due to an old city ordinance. The local ABC News station reported the organizer canceled the dance because it would have taken place 300 feet from a church, in violation of an ordinance that forbids dancing within 500 feet of a place of worship. Mayor Jennifer Clason says she always knew about the old city ordinance but that it has never been enforced. Police Chief Steve Norman says his department has no interest enforcing it. The organizer canceled the dance because her husband is the city attorney, and he said his oath is to uphold the law. Clason said the city council will consider abolishing the ordinance during their meeting February 22.

In Kannapolis, North Carolina, two men robbed a Rent-A-Center of a television. Each then got into separate cars in the parking lot, then crashed into each other. Still they drove away, each driving the wrong way on a nearby boulevard. Then they each got into separate car crashes, according to the local NBC News station. Police easily caught them and booked them on several charges.

Otters don’t mind the winter weather.

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Sometimes a motor bike just wants to be left alone.

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I think the dog is trying to tell the girl to stop playing her flute.

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