A Little Friday File Fun

In New York City’s Harlem neighborhood, a 13-year-old girl told police that her 12-year-old schoolmate asked for one of her Chicken McNuggets in a McDonald’s restaurant. When she refused, he followed her to the subway and pulled out a g.un and held it to her head. She smacked the gun away and told him to leave her alone. Police didn’t recover the g.un, but ‘numerous witnesses’ said they saw it, the police told the Huffington Post. The boy was charged as a juvenile with attempted robbery.

In San Francisco, California, a book of short stories titled “Forty Minutes Late” has been returned to a San Francisco library — 100 years late. The San Francisco Chronicle reports a man’s great grandmother had checked it out in 1917. She passed away a week before the due date. He found it in an old steamer trunk in 1996, and assumed the library wouldn’t want it back, but a recently announced “fine forgiveness program” that runs through February 14 inspired him to return it.

In Brixham, England, coast guards were called to St. Mary’s Beach by a concerned resident who said he heard cries for help. However, upon investigation, the coast guards found it was two amorous owls. They were satisfied nobody was in trouble and said the call was a false alarm with good intent, the Express reports.

In Concord, New Hampshire, police stopped a woman driving in hazardous conditions at 91 miles per hour. The usual speed limit on that Interstate ranges from 55 to 65, but the state had reduced it to 45 due to hazardous conditions. Her reason for being in such a hurry? She was late for an appointment to have a new car stereo installed.

How to wrap a present with no tape.

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Dinosaurs still roam among us.

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