A Little Friday File Fun

In Brookline, New Hampshire, a bride was on the way to her wedding when the limo had a flat tire. So, she headed out on foot, sticking out her thumb to hitchhike to the wedding. She was able to flag down a passing motorist who gladly helped get her to the altar—albeit 30 minutes late, according to the Associated Press. The bride said the rest of her wedding was “amazing.”

In Queensland, Australia, a teenager was reported missing. Police turned to Facebook to get help finding her. Not long after her photo and information were posted, she commented: “Guys I’m fine I’m not missing this is an overreaction to a fight I had with my sister, I’m legit just sitting in my bedroom.” Police asked her to call the station or come down to verify that she is fine and not missing so the search can officially end, which she did.

In Barnstable, Massachusetts, police received a report of a car crash. However, the woman told the police officer, she was “driving back from Barnstaple to Muddiford” when she saw the crash. According to the Boston Globe, the confused police officer asked the caller where she was located, to which she replied, “Ilfracombe.” That’s when the police officer realized he and the caller were on two different continents. Ilfracombe is on the northern coast of England, about 13 miles north of Barnstaple. The BBC says the woman misdialed after searching online for the police department’s number.

In Scranton, Pennsylvania, a suspect dropped his cell phone while running from police. When he found a hiding place, he took to Facebook and posted a message telling friends he’d be off Facebook for a while and asking them not to call his phone until he said otherwise. According to the Associated Press, police found the suspect in a friend’s basement, with a computer that had a tab open to Facebook.

In Kingston, Ontario, Canada, a witness saw a man driving a pickup truck backwards and hitting a parked car. The Whig Standard reports that the witness then saw the man exit the truck and stumble up the street. Police found the man standing on the street, and when they asked for his identification, he pulled out a Costco membership card. He also showed police his firearms license before finally finding the proper identification. The police say he was over two times the legal al.cohol limit.

The moon is falling! The moon is falling!

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Ever been so intently focused on something, that a small interruption scares you?

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This dog fails at hide-and-seek.

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