A Little Friday File Fun

In Charles City, Iowa, a freight train car derailed and crashed into a bar, the Associated Press reports. The bar’s name? DeRailed.

In Centralia, Washington, there’s a right and a wrong way to kill cockroaches, and one resident used the wrong way. KOMO-TV reports that fire crews were called to an apartment after receiving a report of a fire. A preliminary investigation found that the resident was using bug spray and a lighter to create a flamethrower for killing cockroaches, which sparked the fire. The resident had extinguished the flames before firefighters arrived.

In Atlantic City, New Jersey, two versions of a New Jersey man’s obituary have appeared together in a newspaper. According to the Associated Press, both obituaries in the Press of Atlantic City say Leroy Bill Black, of Egg Harbor Township, died Tuesday of lung cancer caused by fiberglass exposure. However, the obituary with top billing says he’s survived by his “loving wife” and a son. The second announcement, right beneath the first one with the same photo of Black, says he’s survived by his son, a host of siblings and his long-time girlfriend.

Between Columbus, Ohio, and Las Vegas, an airline passenger was discovered stowing a monkey in his shirt during a flight. According to the Associated Press, law enforcement met up with the plane and determined the monkey was a certified service animal, but a Frontier Airlines spokesman says the passenger broke policy by not informing the airline that he was bringing a service animal onboard, and then refusing to turn over documents verifying the monkey’s status.

This teacher really knows how to make a safety lesson come alive.

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A man late for his flight jumped off the boarding ramp and chased the plane on the runway.

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In New Orleans, Louisiana, the Times-Picayune published one creative and funny obituary.

You can read the obituary here.