A Little Friday File Fun

In Boston, Massachusetts, a 31-year-old man hand-delivered an apology letter, along with $300 in cash, to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. According to the Associated Press, that’s the amount he believes he owes the MBTA for evading fares. The man told the Boston Globe he avoided paying the train fare whenever he could as a teenager and in his 20s.

In St. John’s, Newfoundland, a woman ordered a pizza and didn’t feel it had enough cheese on it. She called the pizza company to complain, but didn’t like its response. So, she called 911 to report it.

In Rosenberg, Texas, a woman underwent jaw surgery to fix an overbite, and suffered nerve damage. She now speaks with a British accent and has been diagnosed with foreign accent syndrome.

In Blue Hill, Maine, back in 1976 a chemistry teacher took a freshly unwrapped Twinkie and placed it on top of a chalkboard in his classroom so he and his students could see how long it would take to decompose. That question remains unanswered to this day, with said Twinkie having outlasted both the teacher’s career and Interstate Bakeries Corp., the original company that manufactured Twinkies from 1930 until it filed for bankruptcy in 2012. According to the Bangor Daily News, today, the same Twinkie sits in a glass case on a shelf in the office of George Stevens Academy’s dean of students, looking a tad more ashen in color than it used to but nonetheless in one recognizable piece, except for a few crumbs that have fallen to the side.

In Queensland, Australia, a woman woke up to a 17-foot python stretched from her lounge room to her bedroom. The woman says the snake has been living in her roof for 10 years, and she named him Monty. But, it was when the python made its way into the house that she called someone to capture it.

In Trussville, Alabama, a 15-year-old girl was at a church sleepover when she spotted a Barney the Dinosaur head the pastor had bought and used for various activities. She thought she would scare her friends as they came down the stairs by putting on the head. However, as she sat down to wait, the head fell over her shoulders. When her friends showed up, she realized she could not get out of it. Her four friends and the parents of one of the friends then tried to get the girl out of the head. It wouldn’t budge. According to AL.com, they slathered Vaseline on her arms, but the head still wouldn’t come off. So, they all piled into a minivan and headed to the fire station, where firefighters made some release cuts in the back of the head to relieve the pressure and remove it.

Exercising can be dangerous.

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Helpful uses for shaving cream.

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More than eight minutes long, but worth watching this 8th grader give his graduation speech as several presidential candidates.

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