A Little Friday File Fun

Somewhere in Italy, a man who paid his $335 per month child support in the form of pies, calzones and other meals made by his business after the recession made it hard for him to do so in cash any longer, has been sued by his former wife. The man’s defense attorney argued that, despite enduring extremely tough times, he’d still fulfilled his obligations and had taken in his daughter in 2011 when her relationship with her mother broke down — after which the mother was then supposed to pay child support to the man. A judge found there was no evidence of any crime being committed.

In Manchester, New Hampshire, police responded to a robbery at a Shop-N-Go. According to the Associated Press, a witness said the robber apologized for the theft as he fled the scene and said he needed the money. The store clerk called police hours later and said the man had returned, crying, to “turn himself in.”

Somewhere in Louisiana, a blind man is suing McDonald’s for only serving cars at its drive-thru windows. Many McDonald’s locations only serve customers at the drive-thru window during late night hours. The man’s lawyer told the Chicago Tribune that getting a late night snack at McDonald’s is “a quintessentially American activity that should not be denied to someone because of their disability.”

In Birmingham, Alabama, a man called 911 to say he was lost in the woods. A police officer went to the scene and was able to locate the man. However, neither knew the way back to the road. According to the Associated Press, the two spend three hours lost until a K9 unit was able to rescue them.

In Quincy, Massachusetts, a six-year-old boy was riding with his father to a car wash, when his father ran a red light. The boy called his father on it, and said he was going to call the police on him when he got home. Sure enough, when they got home, the boy called 911 to report his father. The dispatcher asked to speak with the father, who apologized. The boy told CBS Boston if it happened again, he wouldn’t call the police. “I’ll call the eye doctor so he can fix his eyes,” he said.

In West Fargo, North Dakota, Firefighters were called to a deck fire at an apartment unit, and while en route, were notified that the occupant of the apartment was on home oxygen and could not leave the apartment or put out the fire. When firefighters arrived, they found the remains of a planter that had caught fire. The flames had extended into the siding and wood decking adjacent to the planter. However, the fire was already out. The Twin Cities Pioneer Press reported that five neighborhood kids saw the fire, alerted the occupant, and then used their Super Soaker water guns to control the blaze before firefighters arrived.

A new way to try tying your shoes.

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Dinosaurs are still among us.

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College students may choose some odd places to take naps.

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