A Little Friday File Fun

In Washington, D.C., a man caused a White House lockdown after jumping the fence alongside the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, a White House facility where presidential staffers work. According to the Associated Press, Secret Service officers quickly detained the man, and an initial investigation suggested that the man was fleeing a robbery just across the street. Not the way to flee a robbery, dude.

In Minnetonka, Minnesota, a mail carrier driving her route crashed into a street sign. Police arrived on the scene and found her to be “extremely dr.unk,” according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. She registered a blood-alco.hol level of 0.297. Other carriers finished her route.

In Jackson, Mississippi, a man was tired of the pothole that had graced his neighborhood for a year, unfixed, so he tried a new way to get the city’s attention—by throwing the pothole a birthday party. Mashable reports that he set up a display featuring a festive birthday balloon as well as a giant birthday card reading “Happy birthday, Pothole!” in beautiful script. To drive the point home, the sign also said, “I’ve been here for over a year!” After several local news outlets reported on the pothole party, city officials finally filled it in.

In Cliffords Mesne, Gloucestershire, England, telephone workers responded after complaints that a cable was being damaged by rubbing against a tree. But after the work was finished last week, around 50 homes in the area were left with the wrong phone number, according to the UK’s Daily Mail. The blunder, which has not yet been fixed, meant that anyone trying to get through to a villager would end up speaking to his or her neighbor instead. Although the mistake was caused by engineers from BT Openreach, residents were told they had to contact their own service provider to get it fixed.

In Birmingham, England, a couple was anticipating the trip of a lifetime when they arrived at the Birmingham Airport in England recently for a flight to Las Vegas. However, their dreams were crushed when they learned their flights were actually departing from Birmingham, Alabama. The girlfriend spent a year planning the trip for her long-time boyfriend’s 30th birthday. She paid £1,200 ($1,745) for the flights on lastminute.com and wasn’t able to get a refund.

You know you’re too inebriated when…

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An impressive video of a bee pulling a nail out of its house.

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