A Little Friday File Fun

In Laojunshan, Henan Province, China, on the lead up to International Women’s Day, an event was organized to promote forgiveness between husbands and wives, empowering women. Men lined up inside of life-sized blue punching bags. Signs were written on the backs of the punching bags that said: ‘If you’re angry please hit me.’ Women took turns punching their husband’s as hard as they could while wearing boxing gloves. The event was all in fun, though; the men and women were seen laughing and joking, UK Daily Mail reports.

In Llanelli, South Wales, two men attempted to break into a car maintenance business by jumping through the roof. However, the first man jumped and hit his head on the side of the wall, knocking himself out. Video surveillance shows his partner climbing down and bringing him to, before they both left empty-handed, according to the UK’s Telegraph.

In New York City, a woman walked in to a pizzeria and asked for a pizza with chicken as a topping. An employee told the woman they didn’t have chicken as a topping, and the woman became irate and scratched the employee’s hand. DNAinfo reports that another worker tried to step in and calm the woman, but she scratched him on the arm, and tried to bite him. According to the news report, a friend with the woman did nothing to try to help. The woman has been charged with two counts of assault, one count of attempted assault and one count of harassment.

In Tallahassee, Florida, the legislature is working to make it okay for couples to cohabitate. The House has passed a bill to repeal the state’s prohibition on cohabitation and it is on the desk of Governor Rick Scott. According to Yahoo! News, under a law that has been on the books since 1868, a man and woman living together could be fined $500 and locked up in jail for 60 days. According to 2014 census data, there are nearly 438,000 couples in Florida violating this law.

In Brooklyn, New York, a man who calls himself “the modern-day Robin Hood” has been charged with grand larceny, criminal possession of stolen property, and petit larceny—for giving away free drinks at IHOP. According to DNAinfo, the owner of the IHOP told police he grew suspicious when he noticed Powell’s beverage sales were at 6% of the total receipt compared to 17% to 20% for other employees working the same shift and schedule. After investigating, he found the employee lost $3,000 in drink sales by not charging customers for their drinks. “I am the modern-day Robin Hood, I am not stealing, I am serving the ones in need, I take from the rich and give to the poor,” the man told investigators after he was caught.

But, the train on the bride’s dress looked like a fresh pile of white leaves.

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A hazard of live reporting next to a street.

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Come on, everybody, let’s dance!

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