A Little Friday File Fun

In Friendship, Wisconsin, a man who has already had nine DU.I’s was pulled over again and tested. Since he has so many past offenses, his limit is 0.02, and he blew over that limit. According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the man insisted he had not been drinking, and said eating be.er-battered fish was the reason for his alco.hol level. Police did not buy that excuse and he was arrested.

In New York City, we’ve all seen people photo bomb live news reports, but one ditz jumped behind a reporter in front of the Brooklyn Supreme Court who was reporting about a police shooting trial and waved a gun behind the reporter. Police are now looking for the man.

In Reston, Virginia, a man with a self-inflicted gunshot wound went to the hospital and went to a door that would not open. So, he pulled out his gun and shot his way in. WTOP reports that hospital personnel were able to convince him to give up his gun, and he was transported to another hospital for treatment.

In San Diego, California, a woman received a haircut at a hair salon, and at first seemed please, even giving a $20 tip. However, she sat in her car with a razor and gave herself a more dramatic cut. She returned to the salon a few hours later to complain about the end result. As she entered the salon, she pulled out a gun and tried to shoot stylists, but the gun didn’t fire. The local ABC news station reports that two people were able to restrain her until police came.

Call it Karma… this road rage instigator was the one who crashed.

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Who is the reporter, who is the criminal?

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