A Little Friday File Fun

In Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, an SUV and a car collided, sending the car into a house. Occupants of the SUV stepped out of the vehicle to help, but forgot to put it in park. So, the SUV rolled backwards into a tree, which jarred it into drive, according to the Times Colonist. The SUV rolled forward and hit another house.

In Atlanta, Georgia, a man stormed out of a Waffle House, punching the glass and breaking it, because he was angry about his bill. Police soon apprehended him and charged him with felony damage to business property, along with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. The reason for his rage? According to the Smoking Gun, he was incensed that the price of biscuits had been increased by 50 cents.

In Springfield, Oregon, the fire station received an alert from the Royal Building Apartments automatic fire alarm one morning. KVAL.com reports that someone had tried to remove the plastic from their new mattress with a lighter instead of scissors.

In Kosciusko County, Indiana, a 25-year-old woman was hunting waterfowl in the Tri-County Fish and Wildlife Area when she placed her 12-gauge shotgun on the ground. Her dog stepped on the shotgun, shooting his owner in the foot. And the dog’s name, according to the Indianapolis Star: Trigger.

In Logan, West Virginia, a Logan County assistant prosecuting attorney has been suspended. Secretaries in the office decorated for Halloween, and the decorations included fake spiders. Apparently, the attorney has arachnophobia. According to the local ABC News station, he became irate, pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot all the spiders.

In Nairobi, Kenya, a man was among spectators near the finish line at the Nairobi International Marathon. The 28-year-old jumped into the race as it was finishing and won second place. He was in line to claim around $7,000 in prize money before being caught out and disqualified. Officials said they became suspicious because the man showed no signs of fatigue and was not sweating when he had supposedly just run 42 kilometers (26 miles), according to the Associated Press.

In Dekalb County, Georgia, a man was awaiting a jury’s verdict on whether he was guilty of identity theft charges, when he told his attorney he needed to go to the bathroom. He never returned to the court room. The man had fled, ditched his phone and hid out at a friend’s house. Because of this, it took him days to find out he was found not guilty. “I felt kind of stupid. I really did,” he told the New York Daily News.

In Mobile, Alabama, after flood waters receded from her yard, you won’t believe what one woman found.

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In Nashville, Tennessee, 80 years old and still jammin’!

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