A Little Friday File Fun

In Watson, Louisiana, a man driving a truck pulling a horse trailer stopped in a daiquiri shop, and when he decided to leave, he decided it was safer to leave the truck there and ride the horse home. A deputy responded to complaints about the man riding his horse on the highway. She couldn’t arrest him for DW.I, so she ticketed him for being dru.nk in public. The man told a local ABC News reporter, “When you get a little too much to drink, why not ride a horse? It’s safer that way. The horse knows the way home.”

In Twin Falls, Idaho, a woman called police saying she had arrived home to find her back door open and her house ransacked. There was an unfamiliar cell phone on her bed, and an unfamiliar car parked behind her house. As officers were in the house investigating, a woman drove up behind the unfamiliar car and dropped off a man. The man told officers he had let a friend borrow the car and the keys got locked inside. However, the car keys were also found in the house, and since his story didn’t add up, the man was arrested.

In South Union Township, Pennsylvania, a 46-year-old man went to a Walmart and removed a wireless phone from a shelf using a knife. He went to an aisle in another department and tried to open the phone packaging. However, according to CBS Pittsburgh, in his attempt he stabbed himself in the arm and began bleeding excessively. Store employees noticed and tried to approach him, but he left the store. The man drove straight to the hospital, where police were able to catch up with him and arrest him for theft.

In Whitefield, Manchester, England, video footage at a couple’s home shows a man dousing their van with gasoline. The video shows an explosion, and apparently the arsonist did not stand back far enough, because he was seen running from the flames with his arms on fire. According to the Bury Times, police searched the emergency departments at local hospitals and found the suspect.

How about some nifty entertainment while you wait for your food at a restaurant?

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New Zealand energy company Energy Online made a prank video in which solicitors are scared off by a live door knocker that yells at them.

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This little girl explains why she is NOT a princess. I mean, how can she be, with just one sparkly?

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