A Little Friday File Fun

Travelmath sent a microbiologist to explore both airports and airplanes, testing a variety of items that we normally use to come up with a list of the dirtiest ones of all, based on “colony-forming units.” The dirtiest parts of an airplane, in order from most dirty to least dirty, are tray tables, overhead air vents, lavatory flush buttons and seatbelt buckles. The dirtiest places in airports are drinking fountain buttons and bathroom stall locks.

In Magnitogorsk, Russia, two five-year-old boys hatched a plan to escape kindergarten. The two disappeared during a supervised walk on the kindergarten grounds. They used spades to dig a tunnel under a fence. According to The Rakyat Post, after they escaped, they walked two kilometers to a car dealership. A woman noticed the unaccompanied boys and asked them what they were doing. They said they had left kindergarten to buy a Jaguar, but didn’t have money. The women took the boys to a police station.

In Guangzhou, Guangdong province, China, a woman’s son was caught in a downpour while jogging at a park, so she went to take him an umbrella. The son soon received a call from a pedestrian saying that his mother had been found unconscious on a bridge with burn marks on her chest. The woman was taken to a hospital and eventually woke up to learn that she’d been hit by lightning on the way to meet her son. According to the Shanghaiist, a report says the metal umbrella likely acted as a conductor for the lightning, while the metal underwire in the woman’s bra diverted the surge of energy away from her vital organs, possibly saving her life.

In Denver, Colorado, a day after a vandal had thrown a rock at his windshield, a man made an appointment at a local auto glass shop to have it replaced. Just as he was about to pull into the auto glass shop, an Adams County Sheriff’s Deputy pulled the man over and issued him a ticket for an “unsafe vehicle.” The man tried explaining to the Adams County deputy he had an appointment to repair the windshield, but it didn’t make difference. According to the local NBC News station, the shop owner has offered to pay the ticket if it is not dismissed in court.

This video of an elderly man greeting his sweetie at the airport will warm your heart.

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This little girl finally gets some love back from Siri.

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