A Little Friday File Fun

In Prescott, Arizona, a couple says Facebook is discriminating against them for their last name—Avatar. Mr. Avatar and his wife say Facebook does not believe that is their real name and it is asking for proof. A local TV station called Facebook about the matter and the social media provider has promised to get their accounts up and running.

In Cape Coral, Florida, last week police issued a picture of a man who robbed a McDonald’s, asking for the public’s help in catching him. A few days later, a man matching the description went through the drive thru of the burglarized restaurant and started a conversation with an employee about the robbery. According to the local NBC News station, employees wrote down a description of the vehicle and its license plate number and reported it to police. The police picked up the man, who is serving prob.ation for another robbery charge.

In Lincoln County, Kentucky, police caught a man trying to dig up a grave he said was his father’s—in an attempt to finish an argument they had. Yes, alco.hol was involved.

In Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, a woman in an assisted living facility discovered about $8,000 worth of her jewelry was missing. The woman noticed a nurse’s aide wearing a pair of her large, diamond stud earrings. She called police, who tracked down the woman and asked her for an interview. According to the Sun-Sentinel, the woman wore the same pair of earrings to the police interview. The woman said she was given the diamonds as a gift from her daughter’s aunt, but when pressed further, she said it was possible the diamonds were from her former patient’s collection.

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a couple of would-be thieves probably thought they would meet little resistance at a convenience store because they were armed with a sword. However, the cashier pulled out a bigger sword, and the two criminals went running. One guy even dropped a pile of t-shirts he was planning to take, according to uproxx.com.

In Altamonte Springs, Florida, regarding the latest entry for Mother of the Year—NOT!—police said a 38-year-old woman drove to the Cheers bar on State Road 434 and made her children wait in the car while she went inside to drink. When she returned to her car and began to drive home, her children said they were afraid for their safety. According to the local CBS News station, the woman came to a stop on State Road 436 and the children got out of the vehicle. They told police they tried to reason with their mother, but she sped away and left them on the sidewalk.

Who says you can’t find a blue whale? The guy in this documentary with a blue whale behind him.

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A weather report cannot get any more “real-time” than this.

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It’s a tough situation when you’re trying to round up a litter of kittens.

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