A Little Friday File Fun

In Sioux Falls, South Dakota, a 17-year-old J.C. Penney employee was sent home for wearing short her boss said were “too revealing.” The girl pointed out that she bought the shorts in the J.C. Penney career department. A local news station reported that her boss told her shorts were not allowed and asked her to go home and change. When he asked how long it would take her to change and come back, she quit.

In Hernando County, Florida, a driver refused to move his SUV from the sidewalk right outside the main entry and exit door at the county jail. After multiple refusals, he backed up into a bench and then accelerated forward, driving through the jail’s lawn, according to the local ABC News station. He then turned back toward the jail and deputies said he took aim with his vehicle at a deputy’s patrol car. The man turned abruptly, drove in a circle and struck a flagpole. He was ordered from the vehicle and taken into custody.

On I-65 in Indiana, a state trooper pulled over a man for speeding. The man was traveling with his daughter who has Down Syndrome. The trooper decided to make the daughter a state trooper for five minutes and asked her whether she wanted to issue her dad a warning or a ticket. The girl chose a ticket. However, the good-hearted trooper only issued a warning. The Indiana State Police responded to the man’s post about the incident that they are glad the daughter is on their side.

In Acadiana, Louisiana, the St. Landry Parish law enforcement is angry someone robbed Stelly’s Supermarket and gives a very real Crime Stoppers report.

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In Westminster, England, magicians video bombing a news report make it interesting.

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