A Little Friday File Fun

In Cape Coral, Florida, police and fire departments responded to a house that caught fire due to a lightning strike. As if that weren’t bad enough for the homeowner, once the fire was contained, as the house was being cleared, police found what appeared to be a mari.juana grow operation. The local NBC station reports this is the same home where lightning struck a boat, caught it on fire and destroyed it a week before.

In Hopkinsville, Kentucky, a man drove to the police station and slammed on his brakes before nearly hitting a cruiser. The Kentucky New Era reports that he approached officers and told them he was ready to go to jail for D.UI. He told police he drank a pint of alco.hol before driving to the station.

In St. Laurent, Montreal, Canada, an occupant of a third-floor apartment came home and discovered a hole in the roof of her kitchen. CTV Montreal reports that she went to the apartment owner, and the owner went back with her to the apartment to investigate. They found a tire had fallen off a Falcon 10 corporate jet aircraft operated by Club Jet Charter Jet Services that was flying over the home.

In Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, three police helicopter pilots were on routine patrol and having a chat. The conversation turned personal, discussing s.ex and using inappropriate words. Then, they became aware the public address system from within the aircraft was turned on, according to CBC News. They turned it off, but not before people started posting on Twitter that they could hear the conversation coming out of the sky.

Somewhere in Chile, a 92-year-old woman had fallen and needed x-rays, according to NewsOXY. The results did not find broken bones but a 50-year-old fetus inside her abdomen. The large 4.4 pound calcified fetus was outside the woman’s uterus. Known as a lithopedion, sometimes called a “stomach rock” or a “stone child,” this rare occurrence can happen when the fertilized egg is implanted outside of the uterus (known as an ectopic pregnancy). Doctors will not be removing the fetus—the risk is too great, and the surgery can be dangerous, especially for someone at an advanced age.

Don’t you hate it when your new Christmas present gets destroyed on day one?

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When you have four legs, you need a way to take a break on the treadmill.

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In Brazil, a man who supposedly illegally parked in a handicap spot was furious at someone’s revenge.

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