Acquisition Moves Loring Ward Into Retirement Arena

May 7, 2010 ( - Loring Ward has signed an agreement to acquire the assets and retirement services of Tribeca Advisors, LLC.

Loring Ward’s new retirement plan service will be known as Loring Ward Total Retirement and will offer a wide range of plan solutions, including 401k, 403b, 457(b), Profit Sharing, Defined Benefit and 401k/Defined Benefit combos, according to the announcement.

“We were looking for a dramatic improvement to ‘traditional’ retirement solutions that we could offer to independent fee-based advisors in a cost-effective and turnkey manner,” said Alex Potts, President and Chief Executive Officer of Loring Ward. “Tribeca allows us to greatly expand our capabilities. Their innovative educational and enrollment solutions are the ideal complement to our Structured Investing philosophy and portfolio management service.”

Loring Ward anticipates launching Loring Ward Total Retirement during the second quarter of 2010. Loring Ward Total Retirement will be headed up by Karl Huish, the Chief Retirement Strategist, and Erich Reinhardt, previously an advisor specializing in 401ks and former President and C.E.O. of RNP Advisory Services.

 “The small retirement plan market is still characterized by bundled plans that are often too expensive, have hidden fees and lack prudent, professionally-built portfolios,” said Karl Huish, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tribeca, in a press release. “Combining Tribeca’s expertise with Loring Ward’s scope and scale, will allow advisors to offer a compelling alternative.”

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Loring Ward (LWI Financial Inc.) says it has provided Investment Management, Business Management and Practice Development since 1990.  As of April 2010, the firm has almost $5.3 billion in assets under management.  More information is available at