ADP Clients Most Often Checking Candidates' Criminal Histories

May 1, 2008 ( - Clients of ADP Employer Services most often ordered criminal background checks on job candidates compared with other types of pre-employment background screening, the HR services provider said.

An ADP news release said that of the nearly 5.8 million background checks completed for clients in 2007, checking a criminal history outnumbered all other types by more than three times. ADP said it performed 1.7 million criminal background inquiries and performed nearly 500,000 driving record checks – the second most common screening.

Other data from ADP’s HR screening activities include:

  • Of the 1.7 million criminal record checks, 6% of candidates showed a criminal record over the last seven years;
  • More than one in three candidates have violations or convictions on their driving record, including 10% who have had their licenses suspended, revoked, or withdrawn in the last seven years;
  • 44% of job candidates checked for credit have at least one negative issue on their credit reports;
  • One out of 20 (5%) of the candidate reference verifications that contained information differences also had at least one negative remark about the candidate; and
  • 8% of candidates had a previous workers’ compensation claim.

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