ADP Launches Mobile HR Tool

July 18, 2011 ( - ADP has announced the release of the free ADP Mobile Solutions application, which gives employees access to their HR, payroll, and benefits information via a mobile device. 

With this program, employees of ADP clients in the United States can view recent pay statements, access corporate directories and company news, remotely manage time and attendance, and review ADP Retirement Savings information. The app is available on the iOS, Android, and RIM smartphone platforms.  

The app hopes to encourage a new connection between Human Resource managers and employees in the workplace, and its offerings include: 

  • Virtual Payroll Info: Employees can view pay statements from up to five previous pay periods, alternating between Net Pay and Gross Pay year-to-date.   
  • Retirement Savings: Employees can view their current 401K allocations, distribution percentages, account balances and rate of return. 
  • Time and Attendance: Employees can clock in, clock out, indicate a late arrival, and create timesheets. 
  • Corporate Intranet On-The-Go: The corporate directory provides the ability to view, search, and contact employees listed in the directory. The company news section allows employees to read news and events posted by management. 

“ADP has leveraged its human capital management expertise and technology prowess to help ADP clients drive enhanced productivity, efficiencies and employee engagement across their enterprises,” said Mike Capone, Chief Information Officer, ADP, in a press release. “ADP is poised to revolutionize the way employers and employees collaborate inside and outside the workplace.” 

ADP says the new application was designed to help employers ensure their workers stay connected and engaged while away from the traditional office.  

The ADP Mobile Solutions app is currently available to ADP clients who operate in the United States and meet certain eligibility requirements. The program is compatible with these mobile devices: 

  • iPhone 3G; 
  • iPhone 3GS; 
  • iPhone 4; 
  • iPad; 
  • iPod touch; 
  • Android v2.0 (or higher); and 
  • Blackberry v4.6.1 (or higher). 

A recent study conducted by VDC Research and the ADP Research Institute found that early adopters of the app have seen benefits from mobile HR solutions, from increased productivity and improved recruiting to improved employee satisfaction. The study was conducted across 400 mid-sized and large U.S. organizations. A full copy of the whitepaper, “Mobile HR Solutions: Connecting & Empowering Your Workforce,” is available for download here. 

More information on the ADP Mobile Solutions app is available here. 


-Sara Kelly