Advantage Payroll Expands Online Product

May 3, 2001( - Advantage Payroll Services' online payroll-processing product, Instant Payroll, now boasts new features that widen its potential uses.

The new options include one that allows users to calculate and generate checks for third-party vendors such as 401(k) administrators.

The product enables payroll data to be processed as it is entered, allowing clients to immediately view their payroll information and reports using the online viewing function.

Payroll data, posted on the Internet at the client’s request, will be accessible with a password and secured by Internet security company VeriSign.

The system allows users to process:

  • payroll
  • taxes
  • worker’s compensation
  • direct deposit and check features.

In addition, the payroll system can be used to monitor:

  • employer paid benefits
  • new hires
  • paid time off
  • labor costs.

Clients can customize their own payroll system, choosing from the following functions:

  • employer-paid benefits
  • earnings codes
  • voluntary deductions
  • deferred-compensation plans

Advantage assigns representatives to each account to provide local support. Users can choose between online help or dealing live with a representative for all inquiries and data processing.