Advisers Targeted with New DC Investment Reports

February 11, 2008 ( - AIM Investments has launched new customized reports to help financial advisers more effectively analyze, document, and compare defined contribution plan investments.

An AIM Investments news release said the Plan Status Report and Plan Comparison Report are generated by the Morningstar Advisor Workstation Enterprise Edition’s Defined Contribution Plan Tools. The Plan Status Report is a look at a single plan, while the Plan Comparison Report positions two investment lineups (AIM funds and/or competitor funds) side-by-side.

The news release said the Plan Status Report and Plan Comparison Report give information about:

  • Plan assets – Examines plan assets by style, sector, and world region.
  • Investment options – Lists holdings by style, provides equity and fixed-income statistics, compares fund performance against standard benchmarks, looks at risk metrics, and includes Morningstar ratings and rankings.
  • Fees and expenses – Estimates total plan expenses – including plan administration costs, investment fees, and expenses, and other costs.
  • Style drift and correlation.

“These reports allow financial advisers to analyze and review a retirement plan’s investments (including fees and expenses), which enables them to directly support their clients, specifically those who may be responsible for reviewing, maintaining, and documenting investment policy,”    said Terry Kelly, senior director of the Retirement Division at AIM Distributors, Inc., in the news release.

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