Aetna Adds Consumer Driven Health Products

July 25, 2003 ( - Aetna is beefing up its roster of consumer-driven health insurance products, the company announced.

According to a Managed Care Weekly Digest article, the Aetna HealthFund family of products will now include dental plan options, a long-term care premium reimbursement program, and a stand-alone pharmacy fund.

Employers can now opt for:

  • Aetna DentalFund – a consumer-directed dental plan that can be purchased as a stand-alone product or integrated into Aetna HealthFund
  • Aetna HealthFund with Long Term Care – a premium reimbursement program that allows members with both HealthFund and Aetna Long Term Care benefits to use unused fund dollars to reimburse paid long-term care premiums
  • Aetna PharmacyFund – a stand-alone, consumer-directed pharmacy product that can be purchased on its own or as a complement to any medical plan.