Aetna Launches Workers' Comp Pharmacy Network

August 24, 2006 ( - Aetna Workers' Comp Access (AWCA) has launched a nationwide workers' compensation pharmacy network in an effort to improve patient safety and provide pricing transparency.

In its announcement, AWCA said it has the ability to link its workers’ comp pharmacy data with its medical pharmacy data to help improve patient safety. AWCA will be able to check for dangerous drug interactions for members who may be prescribed medications by both their medical doctor and a doctor treating them for an employment related injury.

If a potentially harmful drug interaction is found, AWCA notifies the member and the physicians, according to the announcement. AWCA would also be able to identify cases of multiple prescriptions for the same medication.

AWCA’s pharmacy program also offers the option of a price transparency model where members can obtain the direct costs of prescriptions. Aetna has a nationwide network of retail pharmacies offering competitive pricing.

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