Aetna Links Up Health, Benefits Programs

March 12, 2004 ( - Aetna has launched a new approach to coordinating and delivering benefits across medical, disability, behavioral health and pharmacy plans.

Integrated Health and Disability seamlessly integrates a member’s health, disability, behavioral health, and pharmacy data, identifying and reaching out to members at risk of suffering adverse health and disability events and streamlining processes for physicians and Aetna members.   Through the integration, Aetna says members and plan sponsors can tailor an individualized, holistic approach to identifying and implementing specific opportunities for improved employee wellness and productivity, according to a news release.

Under the integrated model, subscribers who have an applicable health or disability claim are asked for their permission to share data between  Aetna’s health and disability staffs. Once permission is granted, members and doctors have one single point of contact for interacting with Aetna on clinical issues.

Integrated Health and Disability is available at no additional charge toAetna members who have both Aetna health and disability benefits.   The program currently focuses on over 2,000 specific diagnoses.