Aetna Makes Changes to Service Offerings

October 5, 2006 ( - Aetna announced its health and disability services will be offered to plan sponsors and clients outside of the US, and it will begin offering holders of life insurance policies financial, legal, physical and emotional group benefits and services.

The Hartford, Connecticut-based insurer said it would provide its integrated health and disability (IHD) services to out-of-country members through Aetna Global Benefits, which will provide non-US clients access to medical and disability teams. According to an Aetna press release, the offering is meant to bolster the overall health of participants, potentially keep down costs, and help disabled members recover and get back to work.  

Some of the resources Aetna offers through the program include Disease Management, Vocational Rehabilitation, Worksite Accommodations, and Aetna Behavioral Health.

Aetna also announced that it is launching an expanded life insurance program – Aetna Life Essentials – that allows members of group policy holders to get benefits and services while they are still living, and provides care and support when participants are at the end stages of their life, the release said.

Additions to the Aetna Life Essentials offering include

  • Financial advice and planning for both members and their beneficiaries, including a feature that allows members to access as much as 75% of their combined basic and supplemental life benefit amounts, to a maximum of $500,000 in the case of terminal illness,
  • Access to online estate planning tools, an information kit on how to prevent identity theft, and in-office legal representation for those covered for supplemental life insurance and those who are eligible for accelerated life payment due to terminal illness,
  • Access to vision, hearing and fitness center discounts, among others,  
  • Access to online information on how to deal with and talk about end of life issues, as well as bereavement and grief counseling services by phone to members and their immediate family and/or primary caregivers, and
  • Information and access to services for members and their caregivers, such as home and hospice care; home delivered meals; support groups; mental health resources; financial resources for medication and health care; and transportation.

These benefits and services will be available to group life customers beginning on January 1, 2007.

For more information on the new product call Katie Vukas, at 860.273.7062.