Aetna Tool Lets Employees Compare Dental Plans

August 25, 2006 ( - Aetna has a launched the Dental Plan Selection and Cost Estimator Tool to aid employees in choosing a dental benefit plan.

According to an Aetna press release, the tool allows employees to compare different Aetna dental plans and Aetna plans with non-Aetna dental plans. Employees can estimate their out-of-pocket dental care costs, compare dental plans and determine which plan best meets the needs of their families.

Features of the dental plan selection tool, according to the announcement, include:

  • Access to costs for up to five Aetna dental plans,
  • Employee out-of-pocket costs, co-insurance and anticipated employer costs,
  • A tool that allows members to select dental procedures they anticipate having performed when selecting their dental plans,
  • The ability to select the number of family members who need coverage and the level of care they need,
  • Access to Aetna’s glossary of dental procedures, and
  • Comparison of plans with a non-Aetna Plan.

Employees are able to not only compare multiple plans offered by their employer, but can compare a plan offered by their employer with a plan available through another family member’s employer. The tool will compare estimated costs of dental care services as well as provide a cost breakdown of the amounts paid by the employee and by the dental plan.

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