AIG Limited Benefit Plan Helps Employees Fill Health Care Gaps

October 2, 2007 ( - AIG Employee Benefit Solutions, a marketing division of AIG American General, has announced the launch of a limited benefit health insurance plan underwritten by AIG Life Insurance Company and American International Life Assurance Company of New York.

According to the announcement, AIG Group Limited HealthCare, is a solution for those who already have current major medical plans but still need help paying for large deductibles and expenses from increasing co-insurance and co-pays. Features of the plan include:

  • Guaranteed Issue – no health questions asked,
  • No pre-existing condition exclusion (except pregnancy),
  • Benefits paid directly to the insured or the provider,
  • Spouse and children coverage available,
  • Pregnancy coverage, provided conception occurs after the effective date of coverage,
  • 24-hour nurse line,
  • Discount vision, dental, and prescription drug benefit,
  • Nationwide provider network with discounts provided at point-of-service, and
  • Claims processing.

“As health care costs continue to rise, we’re finding that many employers are increasingly unable to afford the comprehensive major medical plans employees are traditionally used to,” said Michael Witwer, senior vice president, marketing and product development, AIG Employee Benefit Solutions, in the announcement. “The AIG Group Limited HealthCare plan addresses this by offering a flexible, affordable amount of ancillary coverage in a limited benefit plan that provides specific dollar amounts for predicable medical expenses such as routine doctor visits and prescription medications.”

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