AIM Unveils Funds of Funds

April 30, 2004 ( - AIM Investments has rolled out AIM Allocation Solutions, a group of three funds-of-funds designed to help investors more easily achieve a properly diverse asset allocation strategy.

The three multi-fund portfolios — AIM Conservative Allocation Fund, AIM Moderate Allocation Fund, and AIM Aggressive Allocation Fund — will invest in nine to 11 professionally managed AIM, AIM Trimark and INVESCO Funds. The portfolios are automatically rebalanced each year to maintain target asset class allocations, the company said in an announcement.

“AIM strongly encourages investors to build a well-diversified portfolio with the help of a financial advisor, and this new series of investment solutions helps investors diversify across asset classes, investment styles and market capitalizations,” said Gene Needles, president and chief executive officer of A I M Distributors, Inc., in the news release.

AIM researched its mutual funds to determine which would best represent each asset class within the three portfolios, which are designed to meet the investor’s tolerance to risk.

AIM’s new offerings invest their assets in other underlying mutual funds advised by A I M Advisors, Inc. The advisor may change a fund’s asset class allocations, the underlying funds or the target weightings in the underlying funds at its discretion, the company said. Each of the funds invests internationally, which presents certain risks not associated with investing solely in the United States, AIM’s announcement warned.