Alcoa Drops DB Plan for New Hires

January 17, 2006 ( - Aluminum manufacturing giant Alcoa on Monday joined a parade of companies retreating from their defined benefit pensions with word that new hires after March 1, 2006 would only be offered a 401(k) plan.

A company news release said the move would not affect current employees or retirees who would continue to have access to both the DB and the 401(k) plans.

Under the new plan, the company will make a contribution of 3% of an employee’s annual salary and bonus to the 401(k), whether or not the employee contributes. In addition, the company will match the first 6% of salary that an employee contributes to the K plan.

“We have very competitive benefit plans at Alcoa, and we periodically evaluate the level of competitiveness to ensure our plans are in line with the marketplace,” said Paul Thomas, Executive VP, People, ABS, and Culture, in the news release. “We will move to a defined contribution system for new hires – a contribution to a 401(k) plan of 3% of salary and bonus, in addition to our match programs on the first 6% contributed – that gives employees significant flexibility and portability of their retirement savings.”

The changes will not impact current Alcoa employees or retirees. “We will continue to monitor the marketplace and make appropriate modifications to our benefits programs that maintain our competitiveness,” said Thomas. While the elimination of the defined benefit plan for new hires will limit long-term liability for the company, there is no immediate impact on the company’s profitability.

Workers covered by collective bargaining units and certain non-bargained hourly workers are also not impacted by the change, Alcoa said.

A Continuing Trend

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