AlwaysCare Launches Limited Benefit Medical Plans

April 25, 2012 ( - AlwaysCare Benefits now offers a solution to employers seeking a basic health care coverage alternative.

AlwaysCare’s Limited Benefit Medical plans help employers provide basic medical benefits for employees and their covered dependents who are not eligible for or who are unable to afford comprehensive major medical insurance, including hourly, temporary, seasonal and low-wage workers.    

The offering features five different plan options for eligible employer groups, with enrollments starting as soon as July 1, 2012. The plans pay fixed amounts for certain named and commonly used medical services, including preventive and routine medical services.   

The fixed indemnity plans are not comprehensive major medical plans, nor are they intended to replace major medical plans. The plans feature multiple, basic, inpatient and outpatient benefits including hospital confinement, surgery, physician office visit, wellness and diagnostic laboratory & radiology benefits. Exact benefits, benefit amounts and benefit frequencies vary by plan.    

The plans also feature a 24-hour nurse helpline, a vision access plan, an online wellness improvement plan and prescription drug discount benefits. Optional dental, term life and short term disability benefits are also available to enhance the Limited Benefit Medical plans.  

The plans are underwritten by National Guardian Life Insurance Company and administered by ASRM.  

For more information, visit or call 888-729-5433.