American Century Pulls Back Curtain on Risk-Based Allocation Funds

September 30, 2004 ( - American Century Investments has unveiled five new, risk-based asset allocation funds.

A news release said the funds of funds offerings, labeled One Choice Portfolios, range from Very Conservative to Very Aggressive. Each fund’s asset mix will correspond to its level of short-term price volatility or risk.

American Century One Choice Portfolio funds are managed by Jeff Tyler and Gina Sanchez – the same team responsible for American Century’s other asset allocation products, the My Retirement Portfolio funds and the Strategic Allocation funds.

The new funds are appropriate for investors who want to delegate their investment decisions to professionals with the expertise to build a diversified investment portfolio, according to Sanchez. “With five available risk levels to choose from, investors can easily select the portfolio that best aligns with their specific risk/reward tolerances,” Sanchez said in the news release.

The One Choice Portfolios utilize the same proprietary asset allocation methodology used to construct the Strategic Allocation funds and the My Retirement Portfolios, according to the company.