American Express Gets on the Line

March 5, 2002 ( - American Express Financial Advisors Inc. launched two toll-free telephone service phone lines, to streamline the rollover process for job changers and retirees.

The two service lines are the IRA Solutions Center, which offers support for all investors, and the Retirement Success Line, which offers enhanced services to American Express Retirement Services 401(k) plan participants.

The Retirement Success Line, previously known as the Distribution Helpline, offers enhanced phone service to retirement plan participants who call to initiate a distribution from their 401(k) plan. 

Retirement specialists answering calls will:

  • explain distribution options
  • explain the distribution and rollover process
  • complete the distribution and rollover paperwork and send it in signature-ready form to the participant.

The IRA Solutions Center provides investors with access to retirement specialists who can:

  • provide education on retirement plan distributions and IRAs, including rollovers
  • assist with IRA account set-up
  • mail product information to investors.