Ameriprise Service Educates Employees About Stock Awards

September 19, 2006 ( - Ameriprise Financial Education and Planning Services' StockOpter Corporate Services program offers personalized education for employees who have been issued stock options, restricted stock or other equity compensation.

In a press release Ameriprise said StockOpter Corporate Services is offered in conjunction with Net Worth Strategies Inc., which provides the personalized analytics to help employees understand the value and potential of their equity compensation holdings.

Participants in the program attend a one-hour workshop in which they receive personalized reports. Each individual’s report includes:

  • the forfeit value of their grants,
  • the upside leverage in their grants,
  • the stock price at which their financial goal is achieved,
  • their degree of concentration in company stock and options, and
  • their “Insight Ratio,” which is a metric that assists in determining when to exercise their options.

Employees are then given the opportunity to request a complimentary initial one-on-one consultation with an Ameriprise financial adviser to discuss their personal financial situation.

The service also provides employers with a summary of employees’ perceptions before and after the educational portion of the program to help them design and improve compensation programs.

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